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    Colt survives freezing night.

    So I know some of you will look at this and think it is silly, but I know that there are some horse and animal lovers on here so I am going to post it. If you don't have anything good to say, stay out of the thread. So basically go to, find the form, and donate. Any help...
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    have detailing busines...need proper camera

    In all honesty, The Canon SD750 or SD1000 will do fine. If you can stretch the budget a little, Get the Canon SD850IS. All three of these take very good pictures.
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    Valentines Day Rose. C/C

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    It's now -50 C outside

    Winnipeg is a great town. I like it there. But yeah, we are fighting the same **** where I am at. Bitter bug killing cold.
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    New website C&C

    I really like the site. The format is easy to follow and very professional. The music... Ugh... I'm don't like music on a website... but that is just me. And regardless, it will always sound cheesy. You have some of the best music i have heard on a site, but it still comes off like you...
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    February 08 Challenge - "Red, Green, Blue" - Sponsored by Quik Pod

    I have an idea... but not sure if I will pull it off.
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    Church in the country

    The church look freaking cool... But you can hardly see it. Closer... you need to get closer. I would have driven to it and done an entire photo shoot out of it. Old Churches (more than 100 years) are just incredible and I'm not an overly religious kind of guy. That one looks like it is...
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    What is your position in Photography?

    I would call myself an enthusiastic amateur hobbiest. I mean I don't sell my stuff, but it has its place on many walls. I have had it framed, and had it compared to some pretty amazing photo's, which while flattering is a little overwhelming. I take pictures for fun, to capture a moment, and...
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    spontaneous photo shoot

    I dig the first one, but honestly, after clinking your flickr page, you left the best one out. This, is also a grat shot. I think that a lot of people get WAY to serious with their dark poses because not many people can pull of a real smile...
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    My Chihuahua: Chica

    CC Please.
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    Canon EOS 40D SLR for TRADE! Plus extras!!

    Person had ONE post. And it said they wanted to trade away their Canon 40D with L Glass and a nice pod for... who knows. I smelt scam from day one. These people should be shot, but this is one of those things where if it sounds too good to be true,... It is.
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    Early winter sunrise

    7 is hands down my favorite.
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    I can't get this!!! >.<

    That is a sick shot of Atlantis though.
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    Frosty Morning

    Sure. I just wrap things... I think I need to quit. I also think I should process it in B&W...
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    Frosty Morning

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    Can't Deicde between these 2 photos.

    Honestly, take the wide one, and crop it a little beyond the top of the antenna. You will have a wide pano look to it and I think it will be awesome!
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    Which 1 of the 2 game.

    For portraits and still photography, I would take IS. For action sports I would take the 2.8.
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    Northeast cold

    I'm not 100% sure I follow you... But aren't chinook winds when it warms a great deal? Or can it happen in revers too? All I know is the other day it was nice, calm, and generally pleasant and then the wind kicked up and the temperature dropped like a stone in water. Just unreal. And no...
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    Tulips, Trees, and Hockey

    3 is a fantastic shot. I think you could sell that one if you framed it up. But the hockey shots... Just way over processed. They kind of have a neat cartooninsh feel to them, but I highly doubt that is what you were looking for. I would say of them, #6 is the best hockey shot. Oh, and keep...
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    Northeast cold

    Meh... that's nothing. The high today was -6F. The low was right around -20F. The wind... Good god. Yesterday I went to the hockey rink at noon. It was +23F. When I left at 10PM after working 3 games, it was -13F. I have never seen the temp drop that fast in the winter in my life. Just...