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    This lady was proud of her garden

    Fuji GW690III, Foma 400 film developed in Rodinal
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    3 sheep and a Turnip mound

    Fuji GW690lll, Foma 400
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    Log End

    From a walk along the river Derwent Derbyshire
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    In the woods back lit

    Fuji GW690, Foma 400+ Helliopan 022 orange filter
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    Hound with a drugs problem

    He likes sniffing crack Leica M4-2 + 50mmF1.5 asph Nokton, 20 years out of date FP4
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    One from last weekends hunt

    At Chatsworth House, Fuji GW690
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    One from Sundays Hunt

    From Chatsworth House, Fuji GW690, Fomapan 400 developed in Rodinal, i love the detail this camera produces
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    Old Stable Door

    This caught my eye while walking the dog's, Fuji GW690, Foma 400 developed in Rodinal
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    Arbor Low Neolithic Stone Circle and Henge

    I was not happy when i saw what someone had done to this English Heritage site Fuji GW690, Foma 200 developed in Rodinal
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    First outing with the Gw690(Texas Leica)

    Nothing special just a test to see what it is like and i know i'm going to like this camera very much Foma 200 developed in Rodinal
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    My new Fuji

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    Spanners and Pigeon holes

    Leica M4P + 28mmF2 Ultron, HP5 pushed to 800 developed in Rodinal
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    A couple of shots from the last hunt

    Leica M4P + 35mmF2.5VC, Agfa APX 100 developed in Rodinal
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    This is what you call a business card

    Ceo of Kodak Kodak's CEO Uses 35mm Film as His Business Card
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    5 threads since 2013

    I think Kodak forum should be ditched and turned into Leica forum
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    Who wants a photography job that pays good money

    But only problem you have to shoot film National Parks Asks You to Shoot Large Format Film
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    Using my imagination

    Killer Whale ?
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    Double X re scan

    I have rescanned one of my negatives this time with my V500, first scan was with Plustek 7500 i'm also going to rescan with Plustek
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    Around Baslow Derbyshire (Double X)

    Saturday Jane went to have her wedding jacket altered slightly, i was very tempted to have another jacket made because he was offering a good deal after i had my wedding suit made told him money is for another Leica ( MP i hope) all shot at iso200 Bridge over the river Derwent Shot...
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    3 Loves of my life

    More Double X developed in ID11 this time