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    Hey everyone, haven't posted in awhile. Here's a new one, let me know what you think. Also check out my flickr for some other recents. C&C please!
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    Going to Brazil!

    Well, I got my 1 Year stay business visa today! :D will be leaving this June and staying until December or January. I will be moving to Manaus, Brazil and will probably tour some other parts of the country then too, and when I arrive in Manaus I will be teaching english in one of the many...
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    The New Toy

    well here she is, brand spankin new Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Team Special Edition and Stick Shift, pretty rare in the US. Had to search 400miles away from home for it. Anyway, first day with the gas guzzling beast, got some nightshots at LSI in one of the industrial parks at Allentown/Whitehall...
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    Can someone help me?

    Bask in the glory of 600 posts? :D
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    Mustang Nightshot

    didn't put it in the title, but it's a HDR composed of 3 images. muhahaha anywho, windows live pp like normal for my pics recently, then thrown together with photomatix like all my hdrs. C&C PLEASE!
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    eye trouble - blurred one eye

    I woke up this morning and it was like my left eye wouldn't focus, after playing around with it I've noticed I can still focus but there's a blur that won't go away with anyway I focus my left eye. Right eye is perfectly fine. I'm wondering if anyone has ever experienced I'm pretty concerned and...
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    Exit to Main Street

    Taken right from 378 looking down the exit going to main street. The tower is part of Moravian. Long Exposure, not sure exactly I can find the specs if anyone wants. It's really rainy and foggish tonight thus the noise issue, cheap windows live editing thrown in. Once again, when I get a better...
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    Martin Tower Nightshot HDR

    I know some people aren't too fond of HDR images, the HDR effects aren't too powerful on this one. Made up of three exposures, I loved the way the tree was lit by this little light, but made for a bad lends flare =(. I'll fix it up someday in photoshop and redo the pic. Here it is Lots of...
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    Night Bridge Shot

    Took this in Easton, Pennsylvania. Don't know the name of the bridge, if anyone does let me know. I'm not sure if I like what little windows live PP is done to it. Anyone let me know what you think! Lots of C&C please! :D EDIT* Here's the stuff Shutter/Exposure: 20 Seconds F-Number: F/16...
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    South Carolina Sunrise

    These were taken at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. I forgot about them for awhile and never posted them (i think), and i just found them again today. Anyway C&C Please! Oh by the way, absolutely no pp, this is straight from the camera.
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    Wikipedia Wrong? apparently extension tubes contain nothing, no glass or any kind of mechanics. my extension tubes happens to have some glass in this. is this worthy of a wikipedia edit?
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    telescope adapter

    i'm wondering what kind of adapter i need to use this as a lens for my 20D. my dad will be getting the scope as a free, thanks for your service, gift from his company and i have a use for it
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    Rock Flag, First try HDR

    anyone got any tips for HDR photos? This is my first try. A little different than what I was looking for, but I never knew there were so many settings for HDR's on Photomatix
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    Thinking about a p&s. help me

    i've been praying that i could go to brazil this summer for 6 months. of course i want to take pictures there, but a couple reasons are keeping me from bringing my dslr. the first being the difficulty of brining all the equipment and a tripood through airport security and having to lug it around...
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    How does my lighting look?

    Please ignore the dust on my sensor, and the bad positioning of the pen. This is a lighting test. Please be harsh :D
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    USA East Coast Lunar Shots

    Here's my results. I threw in a sqaure image, it made a clean crop. Comments and suggestions please :D I know they are kind of blurry, these are the jpegs I didn't check the RAW's yet. I was using my 75-300mm and my extension tube for most of them. The square one might of been with my...
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    Firefly Sensor Cleaning

    anyone own or ever used a firefly sensor cleaner?? is it worth the $200?? i mean if it works well enough and lasts awhile it seems like a good alternative to sending your sensor to be cleaned or even paying for swabs and solutions...
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    Flickr Prints

    I just started to put some of my photos on my flickr account, it seems better for sharing photos than photobucket. It has a feature to buy and sell prints. Has anyone ever used this? If someone say wants to buy a print from me over flickr how does it work? Sorry if I didn't look on the Flickr...
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    no one is ever in the chat

    i go in the chat from time to time, like now to say hello to anyone who is in there. but no one has been in once yet! i'm lonely :(
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    Bridge Abstract and others

    I got some pictures underneath a bridge, i got sort of the effect i was looking for, but i couldn't fine tune it. I saw a shady man with a hood covering his head completely eyeing up my camera, when he started to walk my way i made a mad dash back to the car hahaha ps. picture them not being...