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    Need some help on Lumix DMC-FZ5

    Ok, so Im getting a point and shoot for those times I want to take pictures but dont feel like packing around my d80 and equipment. I found this on Craigslist. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ5 digital camera Is that a good deal? 150$, I will probably buy today. It's only 5mp though, will a 5mp still...
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    Good point and shoot?

    Im looking to buy a new Digital Camera this week. But, Im looking at a point and shoot. Something to carry with me, when I don't feel like packing around my D80 and other equipment. I still want CLEAR, nice pictures. And I want the digital camera to be " Sturdy ", I hate those small cameras that...
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    Portrait of one of my dogs

    Heres a picture of Tank. My 4 year old, 88LB English Bulldog. I photoshopped it, because Im making post cards out of it to send to my family :D
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    New Pictures

    Some random shots, CC welcome. :D The sun was setting in the tree scenes, This gave an awesome orange fall tint to all the trees, etc..
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    How much is this setup worth

    I just got a Canon 50D, and I love it. So, for now Im going to shoot with it, and sell my d80 setup, to fund some other projects, and then hopefully get a d90 soon. Anyways, how much should this setup sell for. Heres a list of what I got. Everything is in perfect shape. No scratches, scuffs or...
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    2nd "portrait style" shoot

    This is my 2nd attempt at shooting a " Live Model ". These are just a set of Fall Photos that I did today for my Fiances little sister birthday. I know Im still learning, and have a lot left to learn. But we were both super happy with these. ( Im getting a sb600 Flash this coming up week, so no...
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    Photo's " Too Centered "?

    Just need a little help understanding how/why/what makes a photo " too centered ". Just doesn't make much sense to me. Can anyone explain this or know a link to some good reading? Ive been searching for 2 hours and can't find anything lol Thanks guys
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    Shots from Yesterday ( Graveyard )

    Here a couple photos I took at a local graveyard, there are so many old graves from the 17 and 1800s. Alot of stones read like " 1821 - 1822 ". Very sad, but a neat place. Im thinking of cropping some of these. But I do like the Black and White. I think it suits the feel of these pictures...
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    First Senior Portrait shoot.

    I told my sister I would shoot her senior portraits for her. So, we had a beautiful fall day today, and went to a local lake. Here are some of the shots. She was super happy with them. I have to say for my first actual shoot, I was happy with the result. CC WELCOME!
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    Nikon or Canon.. ( not a VS topic )

    My fiance is wanting to get into photography with me... She has been shooting with my D80 for a little while. Anyways we're going to get her a camera within the next week or 2. A friend of mine is a photographer, with LOADS of equipment. He has agreed to trade one of his cameras for some tattoo...
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    A couple from today

    Got out today for a while.. heres a couple of the pictures that were "ok" to me... Kind of a bad day lol.. But you only learn by getting out there and shooting. Practice makes mediocre... lol This one I tried to use photoshop to make the grass appear as a reflection in the windmill blades...
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    This ever happen to you?

    You got out... Take 50 or more pictures.... Get back, upload them.. And only 1 or 2 are what you feel worth keeping? This really is frustrating lol :D
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    Another portrait attempt ( CC )

    Another couple shots from my first attempt at REAL LIFE PEOPLE photos lol.. My son Landon ( 3 years old ), on a swing... I really liked this shot except for his coat collar getting on his face a bit. This was kind of an " action shot ", as he was swinging when I took the photo ( 2nd photo of...
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    First "Portrait" shoot

    Decided to try to finally take some "People" photos. The subject was my 3 year old son ( Landon ). He was a good sport about being a model ( And he was acting like a model to LOL ) Anyways, heres my first attempt. CC Welcome Thanks
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    Please help! Got scammed...

    Ok, I was suppose to be trading my JVC DVD Camcorder for a new Lens for my Nikon D80. I am in Ohio ( USA ), and the other guy lives in the United Kingdom. I agreed to ship first in the deal. So about 3 weeks ago, I shipped out my camcorder and accessories. The package was delivered 4 days later...
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    Some fall shots!

    So, Im still new to this ( this is only my 3rd time out shooting with a REAL camera )... Here are a few of the shots I took today from a " Live 1800's Farm " called Carriage Hill Farm hope you like.. CC WELCOME
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    Some duck shots

    So this is my FIRST attempt at capturing LIVE wildlife.. It wasn't very easy. These ducks were kind of skittish. I put on my 55-200mm Lense and got down to there level.. I Know these aren't the best. But I thought for my first shots on LIVE wild animals they turned out decent.. And I thought Id...
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    Photoshop Debate

    I was out at a local public ( Live 1800's Farm ) today taking pictures.. I ran into another Photog there taking shots. We got to talking. And I was telling him how I use photoshop to " touch " up my photos, and put the final touches on them etc. He was saying he " hates when photographers use...
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    Shooting in Winter

    Just wondering... During the winter months, when snow is around do you guys still take photos? I think the snowy weather could make for some beautiful shots... But could be challenging due to the bright nature etc... But I think snowy trees etc are beautiful... So anyone looking forward to the...
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    FS: Nikon 50mm 1:1.8 D Lens

    Nikon 50mm 1:1.8 D AF Excellent condition. No scratches, etc. Works perfectly. Lenses are perfect.. No problems whatsoever 75$ Shipped within the US Pm me here ( My cell has this page bookmarked and I log on every 10 mins or so ) Paypal preferred ( Can check my Ebay page for reference, I...