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    snowy river

    I was shot with a 35mm Minolta, late afternoon. The noise may be fron old 1600 ASA film. it is a problem I have had in the past, but the scan on to my computer did not show so much noise. The time stamp was on but i did not notice it until i saw the sacn. In my humble opinion if I print it on a...
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    snowy river

    I shot this in the Smokeys in December. What do you think?
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    Natalie... another 3am session! (possible NSFW)

    They don't look amateur, not sloppy, good technique, I like Number one. I think the model's expressions could be better in the others. In Number two a stray shadow makes her nose look over sized to me. I know number one is a much used pose, but it works and that is the reason it is used...
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    "Sleep, Sweet sleep, Perchance to dream...." Nice capture JS
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    Back to my roots, de-stress time!

    I was not either, I examined the images under magnification an could not detect the softness you spoke to. I was impressed with her ford and ability to hit the mark so squarely. May be I need o be calibrated. JS ( No meanness detected, simply I see it differently than you)
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    Back to my roots, de-stress time!

    What can I say. I can see the pores on her skin and the lashes on her eyes. I do not see any out of focus Re: her face. Maybe I need to be calibrated. LOL or clean my glasses- no wait that would be your glasses. JS
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    Back to my roots, de-stress time!

    JohnMF needs to check his calibration. After close examination. 1, 2, and 3 are all in focus on my monitor. JS
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    Back to my roots, de-stress time!

    You are still hiding your beautiful eyes to often. Number one is my favorite. because I can see into your "windows on the soul. The rest are your typical great work, but number one really connects with me. To me that is the essence of great photography, the subliminal connection between the...
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    Stealing from RMThompson.. with Permission! Self Port: Possibly *NSFW*

    M: This is an almost great picture. The thing that would make it great is to have more of your beautiful face showing. Just the hair pulled back a bit. You seem to have a sexy moody expression that would set the libido on full alert, but I for one can not quite see your eyes, the mirror of the...
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    My fiancée shot me

    I doubt it was boring to her. Nice job of capturing what she feels is your essence. For all of the technical "stuff" we worry about, the best pictures are the ones that mean something to us. That is the reason I wish more posters would give us some context Instead of just, "C and C please"...
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    Focusing problems on SLRs

    In reading the various post, I have become confused as to the problem. Is it: 1. That the focusing screen and the film plane do not match up so that when you have an indication of focus in the view finder, the film is out of focus? 2. That the view finder and the film are both in focus but...
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    charlston sc and a few others

    Here for your consideration and enjoyment are a few images I took recently with my Minolta 201 and tmax 3200 in Charleston, SC. This is expired film and is a little grainy. 1. Customs House 2. Mill House 3. Mill House 2 4. Old Church 5. Street scene 6. Gas light 7. iron...
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    Smokey. (NSWF)

    I too would like to see the whole thing but once again the right side margin ads block aout 1/3 if the image and I can not find a way to get them off the image. Oh well. Judge Sharpe
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    sitting angel

    It got more out of focus the larger I made it. I shot from too far off and it was a kind of last minute snap as I was leaving Oakhill Cemetery after shooting some other angles. I want to go back and do a better job because it is unique sitting as she is on the edge of a plot and not over a...
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    sitting angel

    bumpity bump
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    Could Someone Do Me A Favor?

    With a good quality ground glass it might work. It would take some apeture to obtain a well exposed image. The typical scanner acts like a contact printer- the old kind with a light bulb in side a box. Having a surface that the enlarger would focus on would produce an image that the...
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    620 the easy way.

    OR buy re-rolled 620n from Film for Classics. It is very reasonable and they are nice people to deal with.
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    sitting angel

    This might be better JS