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    I Need Your Input, Please!

    Another vote for the first one. Wonderful image.
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    Film SLR question

    Before trying Ebay, try KEH - They are probably the largest used camera dealer in the US if not the world. Prices are good and the service excellent. One of the best places to deal with when it comes to photo equipment. The autofocus Canons use a different lens mount than your A1 did...
  3. R contest

    They will try and get you to buy a space in the book for the next 6 months. They will tell you you won and will received a wonderful prize if you go to their convention and pay a sum of money. They will hound you for months. Be prepared.
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    FS: Canon Rebel S II

    Lowering the price to $60 plus shipping. Otherwise it goes to KEH.
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    A few more additions to the collection

    "This is a neat turnit from a unpronounceable company, but it is made in germany." You can't pronounce 'Voigtlander'. They got in the optical business in the mid 1700's. Made some of the best cameras ever, especially in the 1930's, 40's and 50's. The name is now owned by Cosina.
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    image crop

    A full frame 35mm still won't give you a 4x5 or 8x10. Full frame 35m is a 4x6 or 8x12. That's has always been a problem, even with film. You have to learn to leave room on the edges for the difference in aspect ratios. When I print my 35mm negatives, I print 8x12 on 11x14 paper.
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    FS: Canon Rebel S II

    SOLD For sale is a lightly used Canon Rebel S II, an amazing autofocus 35mm camera. It has the Canon EF 35-80mm f4-5.6 lens. The 'S' version has a built in flash. From the looks of this camera, it has had very little use. I can't find any marks on it to even describe. The lens came with a UV...
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    Looking For A New Camera

    My advise is to get a manual 35mm camera and learn the 'science' of phototgraphy. That is, learn what shutter speeds do, learn what aperture settings do, understand the range of light. If you never progress beyond a point and shoot that does all the thinking for you, you will never have the...
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    The gravedigger's door

    Very nice. The colors, the textures and the way the shadows stretch across the frame all work together.
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    Bronica ETRS mirror

    All Bronicas do not have instant return mirrors. Nothing wrong. You'll get use to it quickly.
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    What's wrong with my camera?

    It could be a bad pixel, it does happen. If the camera is new, I'd take it back to where I bought it and have it checked under warranty.
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    FS: Konica AR lenses 28mm & 200mm

    I've decide to thin out some of my equipment that I'm not using. First up is an excellent Konica Hexanon 28mm f3.5 AR. This lens is in perfect condition, clean glass, good aperture, smooth focusing. Comes with leather case, front and rear capsl $27 plus shipping. Next is a like new...
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    Church - Ranchos de Taos

    Stop by the famous church in Ranchos de Taos and finished a roll that was in the F3. Brian
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    Photographing birds/small animals

    When I lived in SW Florida and went to Ding Darling, Corkscrew and Anhinga Trail, even with habituated birds, and large 4 foot tall herons, I still needed a 400mm and sometimes with a 1.5x extender. I've shot both the Tokina and Sigma 400mm f5.6 without trouble. Never had a problem with...
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    Nikon help!!!

    The MB 10 I had took 4 AA batteries.
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    Waterton Lakes National Park

    Nice pano with a personal touch. Those pesty red roofs at the bottom keep wanting to grab my eyes and keep me from the rest of the photo. Red has a tendency to do that.
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    Work done

    Also, very nice. The second tractor gives depth to the picture, the near/far effect. It gives you movement in the picture, your eye starts at the first tractor and then moves to the second one. It creates a whole picture. If it was just the one tractor, your eye would stop there and not go...
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    I'm bad!

    Just take on look at the price for 8x10 and larger film. 4x5 sounds pretty good.
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    Nikon SlR Question

    The EOS 3 definitely predates the F5. Probably is the N90s.