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    Thoughts on significant other modeling nude

    Seems that way, lol. I guess I should've expected that from the interwebs though. Mods can close if they want. I'm good.
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    Thoughts on significant other modeling nude

    Considering she told me about it and invited me to come with, I doubt that. Plus, I dont know that that's the type of photos he wants to shoot. Basically, when this came up it triggered me realising that I'm not really crazy about her doing nude shoots. I have no idea of she even has any...
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    Thoughts on significant other modeling nude

    Yeah we'll just agree to disagree. You've gotten the wrong impression about me, my views towards women and my reasons for posting. I'm not looking for validation, I was honestly just curious how other people would approach the situation if they felt the same. I elected people to have different...
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    Thoughts on significant other modeling nude

    Not a paid shoot and I have since found out that he contacted her, not her him. I don't know exactly what type of photos he's wanting to take, just that from what I've seen, he likes the more suggestive posing type stuff. And derrel, I appreciate you ignoring the part of my post wherein I said...
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    Thoughts on significant other modeling nude

    Before we met, my girlfriend had done all sorts of modeling in the past; glamour, fashion, nude, budoir, etc. Both paid shoots as well as trade. Once she got her software programming job a few years ago, she stopped doing paid shoots and just stuck with the occasional trade shoot in her spare...
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    How to ask for a big chain store's old film stock?

    See, I've always thought that was bull****. The company has written off the product and said product is to be thrown out/destroyed/etc., so what should it matter if someone got those items? I mean, how is there any difference between a store having to throw out an item and an employee taking it...
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    Noise On Scanned Negs

    I know it's a 35mm scanner.. you generally still have to pick an image format for the scanned negatives to save as on your computer; .jpg, .tiff, .png, etc..
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    Noise On Scanned Negs

    What format are you scanning in? And what dpi are you using?
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    Scanning motion picture film

    What model Epson?
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    Water Wheel

    I like the motion, but it's too short. A longer shutter in this shot would be interesting to see
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    Getting 220 developed....

    Check around in your area for places that still do darkroom processing, and see if they offer a "public darkroom". There's a place about an hour away from me that does and the co-owner was awesome enough to let me practice loading a reel a few times, and then walked me through the whole process...
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    Direct to positive

    According to the specs section on B&H, it says: "MUST be processed in a Scala film development lab - consult Agfa's web site for a list of labs in your area "
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    Noobie to Nikon EM

    Shoot the 3200 @ 1600 and make sure whoever develops it (if it isn't you) can do push/pull processing and be sure to tell them you shot it 1600. What kind of night shots are you wanting to get using 3200? Personally I've always stuck with Delta 100 for night shots. Tripod, shutter remote and...
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    I would think contacting the magazine and asking them what they pay for freelance would be a better way to find out. Especially since you haven't given us ANY details like what kind of shots they are, would they be used for articles or advertising and what specific magazine.
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    Taking a photography class, need some suggestions please! (:

    you can get a Nikon N75 body, sometimes with a decent lens, on eBay for pretty cheap
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    Thanks for your post man. I too shoot Ilford Delta 100 primarily, so your info was perfect for me. I've always stuck with 4800dpi (yes, .tiff, only time they become jpeg is for the web and I still keep the original as a .tif). Takes my scanner about 3-5 minutes per frame at that res. I've tried...
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    I guess that's where our scanners differ. I can only adjust the dpi resolution, so I couldn't do a 300dpi but have it a 6000 x 9000 image. I stick with 480dpi because it gives me a REALLY large image file that allows some very fine tune dust (and the occasional cat hair) removal. Once I get the...
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    What kind of scanner do you have? I'm just thrown off by you saying you're getting a 6000 x 9000 image but only with 300dpi as that's about the size I get from scanning negs at 4800dpi (and 12k x 18k @ 9600dpi). If I scan at 300dpi, image quality is okay, but the actual size is tiny (200 x 300...
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    Ever been harrassed whilst photographing?

    Silverado, that's crazy. Where exactly were you taking pictures? Because I've always though it'd be interesting to set up in the Atrium area and get shots of people rushing around and such.
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    A question to photographers

    Say I upload my image as "model-a-shoot02" on my gallery and someone right-click > saves and then uploads it to their site as "hotchick2",would it catch that?