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  1. ChickenFriedRyce

    30D vs. 40D

    Aghhhh the 50D looks really nice but it should of been named a 40D Mark II, same body, just a few more features. I don't think I'll ever be able to afford the 50D. And I've read on DPreview that the 40D is only weather sealed at the battery and CompactFlash compartments, so it doesn't seem...
  2. ChickenFriedRyce

    Rocket to the sky!!! (litterally)

    hahaha! I love this!! I really love the lighting/strobist style of your photos.
  3. ChickenFriedRyce

    3 shots from todays wedding

    Wow! I love them, especially #1 and #3. Not too fond of #2, though, as I'm not sure what's going on. The first one, I love the B&W conversion, and the processing of the last one is wonderful! I do not like that the flare kind of covers them in the last one, but I'm sure you couldn't have...
  4. ChickenFriedRyce

    30D vs. 40D

    Okay, I have decided to switch to Canon from Sony. Not that I have been unhappy with Sony, it's just some problems I had with the camera being purchased overseas and then some upgrading problems and what not. I'm selling my camera and lenses to help with my savings. I have been looking at the...
  5. ChickenFriedRyce

    sony A350 vs D80

    Yay! A Sony supporter on TPF! I wouldn't recommend Sigma lenses for Sony though. There have been many instances where the Sony AF is too fast for Sigma's lens' gear's and they end up stripping. Tamron (17-50mm f/2.8) is a really good choice. The Sony lens skieur has is a VERY good lens too...
  6. ChickenFriedRyce

    Nikon D300 OR Canos Eos 5D

    If the D3 is going for a reasonable price, go for it! It can be your landscape camera in Full frame (FX) mode and then your sports camera in crop (DX mode) and all Nikkor lenses will work with it!
  7. ChickenFriedRyce

    Caitlin - Fitness Trainer

    It's kind of the angle that gets me, but that's just my opinion. Lighting is great though. I agree that the heels do not work in this, flip flops since she's in a bikini? or barefoot maybe?
  8. ChickenFriedRyce

    sony A350 vs D80

    Sony is great. Although, there have been more complaints about the A350 than the A300. If you like the Live-View, I'd say go for the A300 because it's the exact same as the A350 except it has (slightly)faster FPS shooting and better noise performance.
  9. ChickenFriedRyce

    Which wireless remote to buy for the EOS 30D?

    I have nothing to say about the sharpness, but I will recommend something. If you go on eBay, you can find some quality remotes for quite cheap. Phottix is one that comes to my mind. Or look up V2s Wireless Remote for 30D.
  10. ChickenFriedRyce

    Reflector Disc Vs Reflecor Panel (for Portraits)

    I use really cheap emergency blankets from Wal-Mart and my results come out quite good. But I know you're not going to resort to that. On eBay, there is a seller, "2dreammaker" or something, and they sell many reflector items and such for quite cheap. Good luck.
  11. ChickenFriedRyce

    New guy from central NC

    Welcome Jeff!! I'm from the Charlotte area! Not too far away! And I have the same camera! You'll love it, no doubt about it! Get out there and shoot and post them back here!
  12. ChickenFriedRyce

    I just bought a new P&S :)

    I actually saw some ISO shots from this camera and they were preety decent for a P&S. And it was really cheap too. Congrats.
  13. ChickenFriedRyce

    What DSLR to get? Canon, Nikon or Sony

    If you want to use your Dynax lenses and not have to purchase new ones for a while, get the Sony. Minolta AF lenses are ready to work with all Sony DSLR's.
  14. ChickenFriedRyce

    Is there an advantage to using a B+W filter rather than digital desaturation?

    I believe he is talking about the brand of filter makers, "B + W". If not, then I wouldn't be quite sure.
  15. ChickenFriedRyce

    DxO FilmPack

    I just dowloaded the trial version and it's actually really nice, I think. You have quite a few film choices and options. The only thing I think they could do to it, is make it a bit more in-depth. It's a bit too simple. But I like it. I'm certainly not going to purchase it, but it's going to be...
  16. ChickenFriedRyce

    Teleconverter SAL-20TC (Sony) compatible with Sigma lenses?

    It's only compatible with the G lenses. I'd think you'd be better off buying a third-party option. But if you have the cash...
  17. ChickenFriedRyce

    Your opinion about: Zeiss ZA Vario-Sonnar T* 24-70mm f/2.8 SSM

    That's quite interesting because Sony should be announcing/releasing a Full-Frame body not too long from now. But I, personally, don't think it will be a success. I hope they improve and stop packing in 24+ megapixels onto a sensor, even if it's FF. I guess they'd take advantage of the Zeiss...
  18. ChickenFriedRyce

    what are the chances the D300 gets replaced in the near future?

    Refer here since we are back to your D80/D300/whatever question... Just because it's brand new doesn't mean it's going to perform any better. A baby can't outrun an adult... bad metaphor. But I hope you understand. The D300 is a fine...
  19. ChickenFriedRyce

    Want a new camera, not sure what to get =(

    It kind of bothers me when people completely ignore advice that they asked for and then mkae no notice that they actually read it and go for their original plan. But anyway congrats on the camera and enjoy.
  20. ChickenFriedRyce

    Should I be worried??

    Okay so you guys know how on Flickr you can check others' photos and add them as favorites, comment, etc. I'm pretty active on Flickr also. So to my point! I uploaded a photo today and I got tons of comments and 3 favorites (I'm not going to be surprised if it's on Explore tomorrow). I read...