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    After He's Gone

    Just in a bit of a funk lately. What else is there to do but to capitalize on my own sorrow? First time trying HDR. I've always told myself it was too fake/processed looking. But you know what? Today I kind of like it. What do you think? <----or CC welcome ;) PICT0014 by BlackDogsPhoto...
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    Impossible Project Film?

    Has anyone used this film? Did you like it? Hate it? Advice to others? Thx!
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    Test Shots of Dogs.

    Ok I picked up a new (used) Minolta/Konica Maxxum 7D and new Minolta lens and I've been playing with it. I think they turned out pretty nice but you know how that is. Wondering what you think.
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    Christmas Tree Holga Style

    For some strange reason I really like the results I got from my Holga when playing around by the Christmas tree and thought I'd share. Shutter setting B, held open for 30 seconds while moving camera in circles. No flash. No overhead lighting. Fuji Pro C 120mm film, 160 speed.
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    Polariod Time Zero?

    Now that Time Zero film is discontinued what do you guys use in your Polariod 600 for manipulation? What can you do with the 600 - Write On Film and what is Watergraph? Anyone here try it or have an example?
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    Olympus, Cannon, Nikon Question from a friend.

    The following is a question from a friend of mine. I've never used any of the cameras so I told her I wasn't sure but would check on here to see if any of you know. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    Anyone tried Infrared with a Holga?

    What were the results, were you happy with them? What brand of film did you use? I can find Iford or Rollei but should I look around for something else? (I know nothing about infrared film.) Also, is the red holga filter good for this or would you recommend a better one? Would love to see...
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    Favorite Backdrop for Professional Portraits?

    I’m just wondering what everyone’s favorite backdrop to use for professional portraits would be? Natural outdoor scenic views? Solid color, black or white muslin or canvas? What color? Scenic muslin or canvas? Paper? Digital? Something else? Where did you buy? Thanks!
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    Imprinting Name on Portraits

    For those of you who do Portraits professionally, do you imprint your name on the front of any final prints? (Like Olin Mills - see their website for example. I hear many opinions. Some think this is tacky and others feel this is their right and helps protect/guard...
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    Fuji Digital Lens Attachment Kits

    The 2 I'm looking at are the: TL-FX9 Tele Lens WL-FX9 Wide Angle Lens Any thoughts on these?
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    Little League Pitcher

    I’ve never prided myself on being able to take good people photos but we went to my nephew’s baseball game and I love to take action photos. I just couldn’t resist. You gotta love the determination on this young guy’s face.
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello. I've been surfing these forums for a while and finally decided to sign up. It looks like there are some great photographers around this place and I'm looking forward to sharing with and learn from the others here. Anyway - I'm not the best with introductions and I'm not sure what...