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    Sunny Mallard

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    McKenzie River

    The McKenzie River in central Oregon.
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    I went looking for some deer this afternoon, but became more interested in a few flocks of chukar I encountered along the way. Chukars seem to like very steep and rocky habitat, with the recent snowfall we've had, the chukars were bunched up on southwest slopes where between the wind and sun...
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    Ute Mountain Reservation

    This past Monday I was traveling through the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe Reservation in southwest Colorado. There was a storm moving into the area and some dramatic skies with the storm. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
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    White Sands National Park

    I stopped by White Sands NP this week and was very impressed by its beauty. The weather was very windy and I could see a storm coming in, but enjoyed my time there. I wish it wasn't so far away, I'd love to get back out there. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
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    White Sands & Badger

    This week I was in New Mexico and stopped by White Sands National Park and had this guy coming straight to me. I wanted to see how close he'd get, but due to my un-stealthiness he saw/heard me and hightailed it out of there. Fun encounter with a cool critter. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
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    Friendly Badger - unless you're a mouse

    My son was out checking irrigation water and called and told me he was watching a badger hunt. I grabbed my camera and headed out there, expecting that it would have wandered off before I got there. The badger was still sniffing around for mice and didn't seem to mind our presence. So we kept...
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    Florida Seascapes

    Just recently got back from a trip to visit my parents in Florida. 1. One of the many beach access ramps along Flagler Beach The next three are from Marineland Beach 2. 3. 4. These last two are from Washington Oaks beach access 5. 6.
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    Quick camping trip

    Harvest is under way here on the farm. Some days start at 4 am before the onions get too hot, then the combines run until 10 or 11 pm while things are good and dry. We had a couple of days with nothing to harvest so my wife and I, along with my youngest son and daughter-in-law went camping. I...
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    I've seen this doe pronghorn a few times and wondered why she never had a fawn this spring. I guess she was just slow, today I found her with twins. Earlier this year I spotted a doe mule deer near this area who also had twins with her. I only got a quick pic of one of her fawns.
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    Farm Landscape

    The other night as I was coming in from work it looked like a good sunset was in the making, so I grabbed the camera and headed back out. I'd rather have shot this sunset over a mountain lake scene, but settled for a field of green beans instead.
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    Feisol tripod & RRS Leveling Base Compatiblity?

    Looking for help with the compatibility of the RRS TA-3 leveling base and a Feisol tripod CT-3372. I'm looking for a leveling base for my Feisol and would prefer the TA-3 base over RRS's universal leveling base, but I've heard conflicting reports of rather or not the TA-3 will work on Feisol. A...
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    Twin Sisters rock formation

    Along the Columbia River is a rock formation know as the Twin Sisters. I was hoping for a better sunset tonight, but it was very enjoyable and a good little hike anyway. Also, here are a few other photos taken earlier and showing the rocks in brighter light. #1 #2 #3 #4
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    A fish too big?

    Can you catch a fish too big? While watching these pelicans I noticed one had a rather large fish in his pouch. When his friends left, I noticed one of them had a leg band. After several more unsuccessful attempts at swallowing his catch, he flew off as well, leaving me to ponder if there is...
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    Intracostal Waterway

    Last light on a very calm and reflective Intracostal Waterway.
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    Marineland Beach, FL (part 2)

    Hopefully I'm not beating a dead horse here. The last morning I could photograph in Florida it was raining, but I went back to Marineland Beach and tried a few more photos during a break in the rain. I know these type of shots tend to be landscape orientation, but the gap in the rocks made me...
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    Merritt Island Florida

    I recently went to Florida, I'm not too good at the theme parks and crowds so when the wife and kids and grandkids all went to the theme parks, I went to Merritt Island. Many of these birds are new to me so the names may be wrong on some. Started with a feral pig and ended with an alligator...
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    Marineland Beach, FL

    I'm looking for advice and input on these shots from Marineland Beach. Advice on any and all appreciated, also which shot overall is preferred. I prefer the water in the first shot, but the rocks of the second shot - too bad it's the opposite corner of the country from me or I'd try again.
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    Pelicans: I'm not talking to you either!

    These brown pelicans seemed to have had a disagreement over something. High Bridge Road, FL
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    Misty light at the river

    I got to the river perhaps a little too late, but still liked the increasing mist/fog and fading out effect of looking across the Columbia river this morning. I then went up on top and found some windmills in the fog, but couldn't get the look in camera to equal the actual view. The fog got...