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  1. Ronman

    Plane Landing

    Very interesting.....I like it too.
  2. Ronman


    I took this photo a few months ago but hadn't really looked at it until today. C&C Please.
  3. Ronman

    Went Fishin'

    Thanks, Cybermg.
  4. Ronman

    The Sphere of Life

    Number 1, really catches my eye.
  5. Ronman


    I like it.
  6. Ronman

    Went Fishin'

    In May I went fishing with a friend, I wasn't catching anything so I snapped a few. 1 A wide shot of the area. 2 The fisherman. 3 Thirsty fauna? 4 We were just below the old bridge.
  7. Ronman

    Metro hubbub

    Hi,Rob, I love the focus. The people on top are out of focus just right, particularly the long haired brunette, center right. A very interesting pan. I like it a lot.
  8. Ronman

    Brad & Mud.

    Like cdanddvdpublisher I think the right foot is important in the comp. Don't know why. I like all your stuff.
  9. Ronman


    I took some photos in the garden today. The evergreens are greening-up, the deciduous trees are mostly budding. Below, is one of my earlyest shrubs to bloom. Mahonia (Mahonia aquifolium) Oregon Grape Holly. Holly like evergreen leaves, upright growth. Root has good antibiotic activity.
  10. Ronman

    Deep in thought

    Nice capture, Rob. The sign with the numbers is striking. This photo asks many questions. Maybe he had to file an extention yesterday.
  11. Ronman

    Exotic Car Show!!! CnC Welcome!

    Cool shots kidchill, your crops seem absolutely appropriate, #3 particularly so. I've been looking at them for at least 15 min. The '39 Ford is stunning. Your capture of it on that crowded field, in the middle of the day is amazing. :thumbup: Or could #4 be a Lincoln Continental? I...
  12. Ronman


    Thank you, LaPhoto. I did my best to get the tree shadow incorporated into the picture; I'm glad I did because I was disappointed with the capture of the vine. I think most of the sky color came from increasing saturation trying to bring out the vine.
  13. Ronman


    You are correct eminart. They're noted for pulling down all but the most sturdy structures. They can be trained and forced to grow as a small tree. I've long thought about trying it but it just hasn't happened yet.
  14. Ronman


    It's 4:30 in the morning, I've been up most of the night, lately playing with some photos and feeling the urge to post something. This one didn't really capture the grip this overgrown Wisteria had on this old house but I thought I'd run it by you. In person it looked like the house was crying...
  15. Ronman

    Mexico Trip! (18 pics, DIAL UP WARNING!)

    :thumbup: Nice tour,Robbie. I feel like I've been back to Mexico.
  16. Ronman

    It's a small world

    I really like the first two. Your nice photos allow one to appreciate what a beautiful miniature that is.
  17. Ronman

    My mailbox

    I hear something but cannot quite make out what it's saying. Is it in English? :cheers:
  18. Ronman

    Sacramento Air Show

    I love air shows. You cought some good ones, 3 & 6 particularly grab my eye.
  19. Ronman

    Sea Trials = Haines Hunter Speed Boat

    Nice action, I like 5 and 12 a lot. My kind a power to weight ratio.
  20. Ronman

    CC this please...

    I like the original most, don't know why.