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  1. AbelR74

    First chance for bridal portraits (outdoors)

    This was a chance to take pictures of my daughters friend getting married. I mainly did it for a chance to learn on the spot about lighting with minimal flash, i.e. one flash. They are going to be rough, but I think I was fortunate on some photos. Feel free to CC and would like some pointers...
  2. AbelR74

    Honolulu city night shot

    Just something I shot from my room balcony. Enjoy...
  3. AbelR74

    Another flower from the Mission Valley hotel

    Interesting DOF, huh? :-) C&C welcome.
  4. AbelR74

    On a frozen lake in Homer AK

    Tried to take as best as I could, but my hands were pretty darn almost frozen... This was some moss growing on the old wooden floating dock. C&C appreciated.
  5. AbelR74

    Japanese garden at Norfolk Botanical Gardens

    One of the few snapshots from out quick visit to the gardens. And yes, I know about the horrible midday sun, but that is when we chose to take my brother in law to the gardens. Comments always welcome.
  6. AbelR74

    Orchid at our hotel in Kauai

    These were some of the landscape flowers in front of my hotel in Kauai. Image uncropped and unedited. Would love to hear any thoughts on this picture.
  7. AbelR74

    Awww, the good old days....

    One of many of the pictures I took at the Henry Ford Museum. I was running out of time at the museum, so please pardon my lackluster framing... Would love to hear comments. Let me know if you would like to see more from the museum.
  8. AbelR74

    My BW self portrait done in my hotel room

    Took photo out because I changed my mind....
  9. AbelR74

    Falling droplets

    My take at trying to capture some water droplets. This is the good part of the image that was left after the crop. 1/15th f4.5 Iso 200 105mm on camera slow rear flash sync.
  10. AbelR74

    Fooling around with my D700

    Just thought I'd throw out some shots I did while playing around with my new toy! :) These I took on the desk in my hotel room while attending a school. All shots are undedited. Resized for web only. No flash, handheld with 28-105mm macro. Since I was new to the D700, I just let if fly in...
  11. AbelR74

    Notable sites in downtown Boston, MA

    Comments and critiques welcome! Shot on Fuji Sensia 100. 1. 2. Where Paul Revere is laid to rest... 3. 4. 5. And then some scenery... 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Hope you have enjoyed these!
  12. AbelR74

    My baby boy's bath time...11 pics (56K warning)

    C&C's welcome. Shot on Kodak Elitechrome 100 with bounce flash. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
  13. AbelR74

    Trying to be a little artistic here...

    I took this awhile back with a Sony Cybershot DSC-S40 in my garage with two JTL-160's slaved to the flash. Did some contrast editing and some burning in photoshop; besides the color removal... Comments please... :)
  14. AbelR74

    Comments on my slides please

    Here are a couple of slides of my visit to Atlantic City, NJ. I used my 50mm prime lens and no flash on Kodak Elitechrome ISO 100 film. Comments are very welcome! :)
  15. AbelR74

    Does anyone find themselves using the "Program" mode alot or is it just me?

    As the title suggests, I get so caught up looking for scenes to shot, that I wind up leaving my camera in the "P" mode for the majority of my shots. I wanted to see if anyone else out there might do the same cause I don't want to feel like the only one who uses Program mode.:oops: My last...