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  1. aarongbuk

    What lens do you recommend (photo journalism)

    Hey all, Hope everyone is having a fantastic day! I currently own a Canon 600D with 70-200mm f4 L, 50mm fixed f1.8 (Nifty), and the standard 18-55mm kit MK II. I will be working in photojournalism, mainly politics and sport, and would like to know what lens you think would be a good all...
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    Sunset and "chemtrail"

    Hey guys. This was shot handheld, from a hotel room! Just a random shot as I was trying to photograph the plane that was leaving all the trails everywhere!
  3. aarongbuk

    Transfer problems

    Hey guys! I have a Canon EOS 600D and all is well. However, when I connect via USB to my laptop.. during transfer there is an error saying it cannot transfer some pictures, and gives me the option to skip or retry. Either way, it does not transfer all the images on the card. I am using a...
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    Purly by chance

    Hi guys.. Long time since ive been on here, but got a new camera and been testing it out. These were taken in low light in a cafe by pure chance (hence the title) and the girl I did just a little work on in PS.. What ya think??
  6. aarongbuk

    Canon Eos 350D with 18-55mm Kit Lens + 4gig CF Card

    Hey guys, I am selling my beloved EOS 350D. It is boxed and comes with it's 18-55mm Kit lens and a 4 gig CF memory card. It's in good working order and has never failed me. I'm asking just 160 euro (sheds a tear) but needs must :-( Please get in touch if interested.
  7. aarongbuk

    The Reds!

    Hey, The Malta International Air show came and went, and unfortunately the first day was a wash out.. always the way when something interesting is coming! However, we were blessed with great weather for the second day, and so the Red Arrows got clear skies for the opening of the show. Here are...
  8. aarongbuk

    Into the sun!

    Hiya, I shot this on holiday from the roof of the hotel. C/C welcome Aaron
  9. aarongbuk

    Lazer Beem!

    Hey, Sorry not been around for a while! Some of you will know why.. if not.. PM me!! Its all good actually hahaha So.. just been playing! Did my lazer light my candle?? What do you think? (Its mostly for fun!)
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    Card Magician

    A good friend of mine is employed as a resident closeup magician, and whilst enjoying some wine id thought id take some shots. Some of these were shot using a wide open aperture at high ISO so plenty of grain to go around. The other were with built-in (grrr shudder) flash in AV mode with a bit...
  11. aarongbuk

    Flying high

    Very lucky shot for me. The aircraft was light and so took off quite quickly. The light on the ground was terrible and in dark shadows, but the sky was bright blue, and so I managed to get this. Any longer take off and would have been an underexposed boring looking photo. Notice the gear is up...
  12. aarongbuk

    Every cloud...

    Hi. Its been a while since Ive posted! I was at the end of a rather wet and windy runway yesterday. My camera got a bit of a soaking.. and I missed some incredible shots (isnt it always the way) but I managed these. Some are a little grainy. Thoughts? Aaron 1. 2. 3. 4.
  13. aarongbuk

    sea plane

    Hey, Sorry for being sooo absent of late! I managed to get a half decent shot of the sea plane that operates between Malta and Gozo last weekend!! Second shot is w: 1024 for detail! CC welcome! Aaron
  14. aarongbuk

    Take off 2

    Sorry for not being around much.. been very busy at late! Here's a shot i took with me lovely new 70-200 L f4 USM :-) of an air malta flight taking off , and a boeing 727 crossing the road to the hangers. C/C welcome Aaron 1. 2. 3.
  15. aarongbuk

    Feeling Hungry??

    Ive been asked to do some shots for a Chinese restaurant. this is the first time ive tried something like this. I shot them under the ceiling halogens, and using a tripod and shutter release cable. I underexposed by 2 as the white bowls are against a white background. I edited the levels and...
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    Jet Wash

    hi all...again apologies for not being around much... had a million and 1 things to do recently. I was at the airport taking some pictures as usual.. and was lucky enough to see this Boeing 727 passing the road to the airfield from the hangers. I was unaware the engine kicked up so much dirt...
  17. aarongbuk

    Come fly with me...

    Hi everyone. Sorry not been around for ages but been here there and everywhere, but just not with my camera! I did however manage to steal a few hours at Malta airport this week to take some pictures. This is of an Emriates Airbus A330 - 200 on take off. I think im a little overexposed, and...
  18. aarongbuk

    Take off 2

    Hi all. I took this on Sunday (28th jan) in very tricky light. I metered for the sky and hoped for the best. As you are probably aware, I like aircraft photography, and so here is another ;-) What do you think? Aaron
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    Some advice please

    Hi all.. A friend of mine has asked me what his Nikon F5 is worth as he is considering selling it. I have no idea what they are worth so thought id post in here and get your advice. Im more interested in what they are worth in the UK, but happy to hear from anyone :-) Thanks Aaron
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