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  1. domromer

    Looking for a P&S to compliment my D300.

    My D300 is at Nikon getting fixed for the next few week. So I thought this was the perfect time to buy that advanced point and shoot that I've been thinking about lately. My main concerns are image quality and raw. I don't need a ton of zoom. I'd also like it to be built fairy well. I'm rough...
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  3. domromer

    Putting together a darkroom.

    I bought the darkroom off craigs list for 25$. Just starting to get it all set up today. Lots of cleaning to do.
  4. domromer

    A walk by the sea.

  5. domromer

    Been shooting some expired film lately. (Rangefinder)

    Git a bunch of rolls of expired sensia and I've been running them through my Olympus XA rangefinder.
  6. domromer

    File saving woes.

    I've had to submit a bunch of pics lately and they needed some work done. The files were jpgs and when I finished work on them I chose save as, I didn't want to effect the original file. So I selected save as and saved them as tiffs. When the files went to my desktop they were still labeled as...
  7. domromer

    I couldn't fight the urge!

    I broke down and bought the D300. This was shot at ISO 3200. I'm totally blown away! By dsrphotography Only had a litttle while to shoot until it got too dark outside. By dsrphotography
  8. domromer

    Needs an honest opinion. Pre-purchase jitters.

    For the past few weeks I've been thinking of upgrading from the D80 to the D300. I know the D300 has faster autofocus, more accurate metering and better build quality. But in terms of actual image quality will I see a difference between the D300 and my D80? Most of you guys have seen the pics I...
  9. domromer

    Nikon D80 for sale.

    Like the title says my D80 is up for sale. It's in mint condition. Treated well it's whole life, takes great pics...just look at some of my threads. $650 plus shipping. I also have a bunch of 2g and 1g Sd cards for sale as well. Comes with original packaging, charger all software. Still...
  10. domromer

    Rolleicord tlr medium format for sale.

    Gotta sell some stuff to buy some stuff. I'm selling my Rolleicord. It was serviced last months. It's in excellent condition, shutter speeds are accurate. It's a great camera. $200 plus shipping. By dsrphotography
  11. domromer

    A walk by the water.

    Shot with my rolleicord then scanned. By dsrphotography
  12. domromer

    Photoshop contact sheet question.

    I need to put together a contact sheet and I'm trying to use PS to put it together. When I put the page together everything works fine. But it adds numbers to the file names. Like if you look at the garter snake picture you can see where it added #fdbed....I didn't put that there! I can't get...
  13. domromer

    About to buy a D300, I have some questions first.

    Like the title says. I'm about to purchase a D300 and wanted to hear from other D300 owners what quirks the camera has that I should be aware of. Also does lightroom recognize d300 raw files? I heard that adobe raw didn't recognize the raws. Or anything else you may have to say about the...
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    Lady D

  15. domromer

    A walk in the woods v 2.0

  16. domromer

    maybe selling adobe Lightroom

    I've got the latest copy of lightroom, I've used if for about a month and am going to go back to bridge. Wanted to put that out there and see if anyone was interested in buying lightroom off me.
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    Great Website!
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    Good time for a swim!

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    A walk in the woods.