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    Aperture 1.1 for Mac

    Hey, I'm hardly thinking about buying the new MacbookPro 15". At the moment I'm a Windows-User and don't know much about Mac. So I would have to learn a lot about the new OS when goin for it...... I ask you now for your experiences with the post-production program "Aperture". On my Windows-PC...
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    Hamburg - Elbe

    Hi everyone, After waiting a few weeks for getting my new tripod, i finally got it and i couldn't wait to try it out... This two pics i've taken in my hometown - hamburg.... hope u like it....:mrgreen:
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    Connecting Piece

    Hi.... Went out to find interesting spots but didn't find anything at all...:grumpy: But then, just 100m away from where i live i saw this Connecting Piece.. Don't know why, but there is something i like it for.... Let me know what u think.....thanks for looking....
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    Picture-Size 80x100 ?

    Hi, In holidays I've been in a restaurant with some beautiful pictures on the wall. I think the pictures were printed on a type of uv-foil and that was stuck on a hard plate. The size must have been about 80x100cm..... My question is: The quality was so fine...what settings do i have...
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    Cullmann Flash ?

    Hi all, thought about buying an externally flash... First I took a look at the Sony-Catalog and then i compared the prices to other flash-systems available. I was surprised when I found the Cullmann 20 AF Digital flash... Sounds good and it costs just € 39,99 - is that a joke ??? Maybe...
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    Hey, just shot this's a little lake in a nearby forest.... Just photoshopped it a bit, so it seems more mysterious.... What ya think..?
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    Scott Kelby PS CS2

    Hi, I'm totally interested in Photoshop CS2. I just know how to use some of the possibilities of PS, but when I see some of your photoshoped shots I really wish to learn more about... It's not that I just want to cheat and do unrealistic things with it... I want to use it as a help to...
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    Hi folks.....

    Hi, That's my first post and I am very glad about finding a forum like this...:thumbup: Till now i just used a small Pentax Optio S 3MP Cam for Snapshots.... But since Christmas I'm a proud owner of the Sony DSC-R1. Don't have much experiences in professional photography, so i just try to...