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    First Tooth.

    Well my friends asked me if I could take pictures for them so I quickly jumped on it. I learned that I need to be more open when working with people. I've never taken pictures of people and I honestly didnt think it would be that difficult but in the end it worked out. I like my photo's but...

    London at Night

    Hey guys! Its been years since I have been to this forums but I think im ready to be active again. Ive been more involved and my skills have improved. Here is one picture I took while I was in london the other night. Its the tower bridge and I loved the way it came out. I will hopefully...

    Open Shutter (my take at it)

    As a newbie realizing my digital camera has the options to leave the shutter open, i decided to go to town and try it out...Okay, let me clearify before you go all crazy...THIS WAS W/O A TRIPOD!! repeat, w/o a tripod. I was holding these in my hand so they're not perfect But here they are. A...

    Testing Center

    Testing center for my images i keep having problems with

    Guitar Hero 1, 2,or 3

    Hey, im a Guitar Hero Fan and was wondering if there is any other Guitar Hero Nuts out there...If there are, what skill level do you play on? Whats your favorite Guitar Hero (1, 2, or 3) Whats your favorite song...You know...just random talk about GH1/2/3

    Car Talk

    If your into cars, then lets talk. Dont have to be about anything in particular, just randomness...Anywhere from a ricer CRX to a Aston Martin...Or show pictures of your car...Like i said, as long as it deals w/automobiles, then its all fair game..Lets Talk

    Ford Trailer, and OLD VW Bug

    Shot these today IN THE RAIN...So if they're not good, my apoligies. I like them. Kinda Plain, but there wasn't much to shot behind my house. Enjoy These were pratice pictures in the rain

    Some Car Pics...

    Some of these are my cars, some are some buddies....some are from a meet. These are merely snapshots. Also, same as what DSLR-noob said in his thread....People didnt want the license plate in the photos. So Some of the good cars werent able to be shot as desired, or at all 1) My FB RX7 (for...

    Minolta X-700

    Here is a Minolta im get ready to pick up. Im borrowing it at the moment. A BIG step up from my Kodak V570, eh?
  10. JESWAW

    Trailer Parked, Trash

    Shot these today IN THE RAIN...So if they're not good, my apoligies. I like them. Kinda Plain, but there wasn't much to shot behind my house. Enjoy My title refers to a trailer thats parked, and a junk car (old VW Bug) Nothing negitive at all These were pratice pictures in the rain
  11. JESWAW

    Where Am I?

    Yes i know its off centered. But i wanted it to be like that. I took this picture on the way to Salt Lake City, UT at a truck stop somewhere in Nebraska. I know its a little blurry but it was real windy this day (can be noted b/c of the clouds) and i had no tripod or anything
  12. JESWAW

    Its All DATsun!

    My Datsun 280zx in Northern KY. Again, not really the greatest photo, but i like it
  13. JESWAW

    Dog Eat Dog World

    I wasnt trying to take a picture for an award, i just noticed him standing like that (dog) so i shot it real quick....Yes i know about the cinder block, and the car that distracts from the picture. But for some reason i still like it...
  14. JESWAW

    "What's underneath" - please critique

    "Whats Underneath" A Bridge in northern KY, looking at a ladder going underneath it... edit: i dont use photo shop. But please outline points/areas that need help. Im still learning
  15. JESWAW

    jeswaw's Pics-critique them, please

    This Is of me driving down the road, sunwas intense going up this hill A bridge in Northern KY My Nissan Frontier and my Buddies Dodge In Orlando FL at a conferance My Girlfriend at the Orlando, FL Airport in front of a tram A RX7 in the Junkyard Cadillac Hood So i...