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  1. HattieShay

    really cold pictures

    thanks for all the comments!!! : )
  2. HattieShay

    really cold pictures

    thanks. : )
  3. HattieShay

    really cold pictures

    yes i know what you mean, it was very cloudy that day, there were still some flurries. so the sun was barely shining through the clouds
  4. HattieShay

    really cold pictures

    from last weeks big storm. c&c always welcome. : ) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. and for fun. my boyfriend out on the frozen lake. 13.
  5. HattieShay

    Last shots of Autumn

    they are all beautiful shots. LOVE the second one. i want to be there. the first one does seem a little dark. not as bright as it could be.
  6. HattieShay

    Dead Beautiful

    good idea. dead flowers can be the prettiest i think the pink background is really distracting though. maybe a different color. I want to be able to focus on the tulip.
  7. HattieShay

    Cobblestone Lake

    thanks! i can still feel how cold it was that day
  8. HattieShay

    Cobblestone Lake

    thank you for your comments. im still new at this. what do you mean by a longer exposure? i agree about 3,4,5 they do look like they are missing something...
  9. HattieShay

    Dutch landscapes

    i think they are both beautiful. but they could both use some cropping on the top. especially the second one imo.
  10. HattieShay

    I dare you come in my HOUSE!!! See this wasp!!

    i hate wasps... im so grossed out right now. ahhhh!!!! his eyes! the picture seems a little blurry.
  11. HattieShay


    wow. beautiful animal and picture. the darkness of the backgroun makes it seem so ominus
  12. HattieShay

    Cobblestone Lake

  13. HattieShay


    the fence is really cool. but i think there is too much dark space on the right. maybe crop a little bit of fence out?
  14. HattieShay

    Cobblestone Lake

    Took a walk around the lake in our development. Here are some of my favorite shots. tell me what you think 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  15. HattieShay

    Nature Hike at Quarry Hill

    i will do that. what does IMO stand for? the little droplets act like a magnifer. thanks for the comment
  16. HattieShay


    i think the lack of sharpness also gives it a in motion quality. very cool shot.
  17. HattieShay

    a foggy night

    um... bump
  18. HattieShay

    Nature Hike at Quarry Hill

    they're arent that bad...
  19. HattieShay

    Lake George autumn

    beautiful orange. the shadow of the dead leaf towards the left is a little distracting and the branch in the distance
  20. HattieShay

    morning in Grand Lake

    the red on the tree really stands out. is that some kind of disease?