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  1. Rock

    FS: Canon 300D w/grip and 3 lenses

    I just found out I am going out of town on Saturday for a while. I will sell this TODAY for $645.00 Paypaled and Shipped just to not have to deal with it later. Package Deal: Canon 300D Digital Rebel DSLR 6.5mp Camera Body -Includes all original software, manual and cables. Canon 50mm...
  2. Rock

    300D For Sale or Trade

    For trade for 10D/20D Body: Canon 300D w/ BG-E1 grip Canon 18mm - 55mm Kit Lens 2 batteries Original software and strap Battery charger USB Cables Manuals I don't not have the box. Camera is in great shape. No scratches on the LCD, everything works as new. It has less than 4000 actuation on...
  3. Rock

    A Couple of my Son

    I took these the other day of my son while we out for breakfast. I haven't shared anything in a while so I thought I would put some up here. #1 #2 The DOF is a bit shallower than I wanted but I still really like this aas it came out.
  4. Rock

    Nascar Sprint All Star Challenge

    A few shots from the Sprint All Star Challenge in Concord, NC on the 17th..... By far my favorite one of the night and it isn't really about racing.... #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8
  5. Rock

    Sunsets over the speedway

    This was taken at Lowes Motor Speddway in Concord, NC last night during the All Star Race. I am not sure if this is the right place for it but enjoy anyway.....
  6. Rock

    Peacefully Sleeping

    My little guy curled up on my bed to watch TV.......He missed the program.
  7. Rock

    Dale Earnhardt Inc.

    I shot this a couple weeks back but I just got around to posting it.
  8. Rock

    Bird on a wire

    I shot this outside my front door yesterday. Hope you enjoy it....
  9. Rock

    FA: Canon Digital Rebel w/BG-E1 grip

    Hey guys, I have my Canon 300D w/kit lens and BG-E1 grip on ebay. I would rather sell it or trade it for a 20D body only, but take a look if you are interested...
  10. Rock

    Stormy Days

    Just a shot I took this morning. I thought I would share it.
  11. Rock

    WTT: Digital Rebel for 20D

    This may be a long shot but here goes.... I have a Canon 300D 6.3 MP w/ upgraded firmware (this is basically running the 10D firmware). It also has a Canon BG-E1 battery grip and Canon strap. All pieces are in great condition and work perfect. I need a little more camera for what I have been...
  12. Rock

    Sand Cranes

    I haven't put anything up in a while so I thought I would share a couple. This fellow came right up the driveway and we had to shoo him away when he tried to come in the garage.
  13. Rock

    Sunset in Charlotte

    I took this a couple nights ago and I am very happy with the sky b ut the houses are a bit underexposed in my opinion. What do y'all think? Could I have done something different with the houses? I thought about cropping them out but that didn't look good to me either...... Thoughts? Thanks.
  14. Rock

    Christmas Blues

    I shot this out in front of the RJ Renolds Tabacco Co. tonight. First try at a shot like this. What do y'all think??
  15. Rock

    RAW to JPG

    Hey all, I just got a Canon Digital Rebel and this is the first DSLR for me. I wanted to try shooting RAW and when I imported the photos to lightroom then edited them, they looked great. Once I exported and uploaded a couple I see they look very washed out and the color is way off. I have...
  16. Rock

    My Boy

    A quick shot of my son in the yard today. What do y'all think? Fixed the color issue. Seems as I didn't convert the image properly but I got a handle on it now. This is my first try with shooting RAW.
  17. Rock

    Wanted: Canon 10D or 20D

    I am looking for a 10D or 20D DSLR. I will be right up front with you and say this, I am broke so I need to find someone that: A) Has an older 10D or 20D That they are NOT currently using and will trade for something or B) Has the same that they will let me make payments on. I realize this...
  18. Rock

    Odd Question

    Hey all, I have a odd question for ya all and I am looking for some serious idea's. I have been shooting all my pics of late with a Fuji P&S and I have an opportunity to do some work with a pro in my area. Problem is that I need to get a DSLR to do this and I just don't have the cash until...
  19. Rock

    Life is like a game of chess

    I took this with my P&S. I like it but what do ya'll think?
  20. Rock

    Uptown Charlotte

    The wife and I went walking in Charlotte's uptown today and I snapped a few with my P&S. Just wanted to share a couple..... I liked the way the second building reflected in the first..