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  1. ChickenFriedRyce

    30D vs. 40D

    Okay, I have decided to switch to Canon from Sony. Not that I have been unhappy with Sony, it's just some problems I had with the camera being purchased overseas and then some upgrading problems and what not. I'm selling my camera and lenses to help with my savings. I have been looking at the...
  2. ChickenFriedRyce

    DxO FilmPack

    I just dowloaded the trial version and it's actually really nice, I think. You have quite a few film choices and options. The only thing I think they could do to it, is make it a bit more in-depth. It's a bit too simple. But I like it. I'm certainly not going to purchase it, but it's going to be...
  3. ChickenFriedRyce

    Should I be worried??

    Okay so you guys know how on Flickr you can check others' photos and add them as favorites, comment, etc. I'm pretty active on Flickr also. So to my point! I uploaded a photo today and I got tons of comments and 3 favorites (I'm not going to be surprised if it's on Explore tomorrow). I read...
  4. ChickenFriedRyce

    Possibly my first official shoot.

    I had such a great time today(yesterday). I went to my old neighbors' "new" home that the moved in to now. I saw everyone there and I missed them so much. They're so funny and I had such a fun day. This is so far the highlight of the summer. I used to be over across the street at their old house...
  5. ChickenFriedRyce

    Light Meters

    I was given a few suggestions on how to start out with portraiture. I saw that a light meter was mentioned with one of the options. The problem is, I don't know how to use one.... or what one is. I know it gives you a correct exposure in the situation you're in, but can you explain how you use...
  6. ChickenFriedRyce

    What should I learn now?

    Now that I have my DSLR, and some practice with it, what should I focus on learning now? I'll admit, I've kind of been caught up in the lenses and accessories and I'm not focusing on learning about my camera. I know the interface, the ins and outs, but I don't know what to do now. I know about...
  7. ChickenFriedRyce

    I got my 50mm f/1.4 yesterday!

    And shot these..... f/4 f/1.4 f/3.2 I'm in LOVE with this lens. Cannot wait to save up for a Carl Zeiss 85 f/1.4. I'm getting to that photographer status. I'm gonna see if I can take portraiture classes over the summer. School's out on Thursday and I don't have school tomorrow!!
  8. ChickenFriedRyce

    Look what I just found! Hahahaha and I live in this miserable dump of a city.
  9. ChickenFriedRyce

    What kind of equipment would I need for a wedding?

    This thread can be deleted, I have found some answers.
  10. ChickenFriedRyce

    Lens help??

    Okay so I've been looking around and I need some help with some lenses if anyone still knows about Minolta. I've found a Sigma 50mm f2.8(MACRO) for $269 but I have also found a 18-50mm f2.8 for $419. But what I don't enjoy about this one is the focusing distance, which is 11 inches compared...
  11. ChickenFriedRyce


    Utopia. C&C Welcome. I'm not pleased with the bokeh.
  12. ChickenFriedRyce


    I've been trying out a new effect to make everything jump. C&C very welcome. Still an amateur because I haven't had the camera for a month yet. If I need to do anything, please mention. I have a problem with cropping so sorry if they look badly cropped. hehe
  13. ChickenFriedRyce

    Do you know....?

    What perspective is?
  14. ChickenFriedRyce

    I don't know what kinda....

    flower on a tree that I don't know the name of. C&C welcome.
  15. ChickenFriedRyce


    This was so unexpected and unplanned. She was getting ready to talk and I snapped a photo. She loved it. Also my first upload from my new camera!
  16. ChickenFriedRyce

    Sony A200 and Flagship news

    The A200/A300/A350 have had their nice $100 price drop. SonyStyle has refunded to those that purchased before the price drop. Pentaprism in the new Sony flagship? Electronic View Finder?
  17. ChickenFriedRyce

    Do you think that.....?

    Just a random thought but it had to do with photography so I decided to share. Do you think Apple might/should start doing Digital Cameras? That'd be very awkward but with Aperture, I think they might actually do a good job. They could have massive internal memory (especially if they made...
  18. ChickenFriedRyce

    One last question about.....

    The A200. Does anyone know if it has diffrent menu languages if the camera was purchased in Asia? Or would I have to download a driver or some kind of firmware? I've already checked Google which is why I checked here. Unless I didn't look hard enough.
  19. ChickenFriedRyce

    Serious Business....

    :thumbdown: Please Lock.
  20. ChickenFriedRyce

    Best Performance 35mm Film...?

    ..In your opinion? I'm right now using a Nikon 4004s. I just went through my first roll of Black and White Kodak TX 400 24 exposure film today and an old roll of Kodak Gold 200. Just wondering because I was told shooting film sharpens skills. I'm getting them developed soon. Any...