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  1. Rick Waldroup

    On Main Street

    Their clothing, their body language, and the gentle hand of the man escorting the lady- it is like they were dropped on the scene with a time machine. Oddly nostalgic and modern, at the same time. Great stuff.
  2. Rick Waldroup

    A question for arm-chair Psychiatrists

    It means that your life is spiraling out of control. It is the equivalent of dreaming of driving your car off a cliff. :biggrin-93: I actually know how I am going to die. Since I was a kid, I have repeatedly dreamed of getting hit by a bus while crossing a street. Where I live now, there...
  3. Rick Waldroup

    Artist's Pride

    What a wonderful photo. It is so textured. The young boy, slightly off centered and gingerly holding his creation, has such a calm, confident look on his face. But it is the large wrinkle in the canvas backdrop to the right, that seals the deal on this shot. Great stuff.
  4. Rick Waldroup

    NYC Street 5

    This is simply an outstanding set of street photographs. Your placement of the different elements in the frame keeps the eye moving, searching for more. But in each photo there is a strong central subject. This is not an easy thing to do in street photography. And as always, your supreme use...
  5. Rick Waldroup

    March just below my window

    Lew, I have been laying low since the virus thing started. I actually got out today and shot a Black Lives Matter rally in my very, very small town that I live in now, right outside of the Dallas area. Lew, if I ever get your way, you will be the first one I contact. Stay safe in this crazy...
  6. Rick Waldroup

    March just below my window

    Great stuff, Lew. His expression and determination match the sign perfectly.
  7. Rick Waldroup

    Las Vegas Protest ends in tear gas and rubber bullets (Lots of pics)

    The set is outstanding in its coverage and scope of the situation. Excellent composition skills along with selective DOF truly makes these photos pop. You were close, which is the way it usually has to be to get the story. Plus, the text accompanying the photos is informative and educational...
  8. Rick Waldroup


    The lighting is superb. The deep, dark shadows dominate the photo which only adds to the already dramatic composition. The man approaching on the right is really what cements this shot. The anxious dog, also covered by deep shadows, adds a human touch that only dogs can in photos.
  9. Rick Waldroup

    The Great Music Thread!!!!

    Camel Toe by The Go Go Ponies. The dude wearing the neck brace is my new hero.
  10. Rick Waldroup

    Is it really that hard to develop c-41

    I processed color negative film in C-41 for several years for a very small mom-and-pop publishing company. This was back in the '80's. I built my own processing system using Patterson 8-reel tanks and constructed temperature water baths from large Rubbermaid tubs (available at Wal-Mart). I...
  11. Rick Waldroup

    Your favorite coffee

    Cowboy coffee.
  12. Rick Waldroup

    Did anyone else notice?

    I believe the guy is David Burnett. He is a professional PJ who shoots a 4x5 camera.
  13. Rick Waldroup

    The Great Music Thread!!!!

    Lana Del Rey is a modern day torch singer who writes great songs. I really like her.
  14. Rick Waldroup

    The Great Music Thread!!!!

    Castles by Freya Ridings
  15. Rick Waldroup

    The Great Music Thread!!!!

    Open Up by Leftfield
  16. Rick Waldroup

    The Great Music Thread!!!!

    Cheap Talk by Lucia
  17. Rick Waldroup

    Girl On A Train

    Outstanding photo, Tuna. I would not change a thing about it. To me, the way you cropped it shows the daily hustle and bustle of train rides. My eye went directly to the child, then floated across the rest of the image. This shot reminded me of my many hours of riding commuter trains here in...
  18. Rick Waldroup

    Your 2 best shots of 2018

    Not sure that these are the best, but here are a couple I like. Mannequins - Deep Ellum - Dallas, Texas March For Our Lives Rally - Dallas, Texas
  19. Rick Waldroup

    The Great Music Thread!!!!

    The Cramps - Bikini Girls With Machine Guns
  20. Rick Waldroup

    The Great Music Thread!!!!

    Chvrches - Clearest Blue (Live in Central Park)