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  1. surfingfireman

    Need a Photographer!

    My buddy took all the photos at my wedding and we were thrilled with them. He had no formal training but just worked with what we gave him. Mind you, we had a destination wedding and the locale sure helped out with the photos. But we also didn't want to hire someone on the island. Here are a...
  2. surfingfireman

    my new muse

    and another reason I have been pretty scarce on here.
  3. surfingfireman

    What do you do for work

    The soon to be top of the league Liverpool FC! It's just too bad there is an international break coming up, so they won't be playing a league game again for two weeks. They are on fire and Manchester Utd is stinking right now. Things could go back to "normal" after a two week break :(
  4. surfingfireman

    What do you do for work

    I can't speak for Reading Berkshire, but if you are a Reading FC fan, then yes, I feel sorry for you too.
  5. surfingfireman

    good morning, deer.

    nah, I was a good 200 yards away, sitting in my car on the shoulder of the road.
  6. surfingfireman

    Back to the derelict trailer

    Fair enough. I guess because I took a bunch of wide shots last time I was there, I focused more on the close ups this time...
  7. surfingfireman

    good morning, deer.

    Nothing too photographically special about this one, just a nice site on the way home from work. Random sumac tree from yesterday.
  8. surfingfireman

    Back to the derelict trailer

    I posted some pics from this site a couple years ago (I think). Went back and I saw some different things to shoot. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. This last one was from an old root cellar that was near the trailer. It is now a squirrel's kitchen. C & C welcome. 6.
  9. surfingfireman

    Try this it's fun.

    1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet & current car) Spud Baja 2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fave ice cream flavor, favorite cookie) cookies and cream chocolate chip 3. YOUR “FLY Guy/Girl” NAME: (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name), M-Sut 4. YOUR...
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    I like #1. I went out today to look for some "hope" but couldn't find any. Still too cold and snowy. The robins are starting to show up though, which is a good sign.
  11. surfingfireman

    What do you do for work

    Oh my god, do I ever wish I was!
  12. surfingfireman

    What do you do for work

    My screen name kind of gives away what I do...
  13. surfingfireman

    my b&w / updaded often

    looks like you posted the thumbnails instead of the full images...
  14. surfingfireman

    Wintery view of Holland

    very nice. photo just screams "HOLLAND" to me.
  15. surfingfireman

    Beach Rain

    ooooh nice. I that person walking on the beach? If so, it shows a grand scale!
  16. surfingfireman


    no comments? I think it is pretty good. Nice textures in the crop, nice clouds in the sky, well exposed. Only problem could be the middle horizon, splitting the scene in half... Maybe crop from the bottom to just where the "flattened" crop ends, the lines from the planted rows are more...
  17. surfingfireman

    Harbor Morning

    Love the black and white. I am so bad at B & W conversions. It's seeing shots like this that inspires me to keep trying them and get better at it. Any tips?
  18. surfingfireman

    C&C on B&W wintery landscape

    Yes, I find the second pic much more pleasing. The "moved" fence now make a diagonal path for the eye from fence to tree to far fence.
  19. surfingfireman

    To the mountains....IR.

    I like this pic, just the way it is. Poles or no poles.
  20. surfingfireman

    Parts of the old barn

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I, as well, liked the first one the best. Maybe I should have posted with the best last... :)