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  1. Tennessee Landscape

    Post a picture of yourself

    me and my woman....
  2. Tennessee Landscape

    Buffalo Sabres Training Camp

    Go Sabres!!!!!! Tennessee resident born and raised in Buffalo,
  3. Tennessee Landscape


    I thought about that but I really didn't want to bring the background into perspective that much. Oh well, live and learn
  4. Tennessee Landscape


    Hello, been awhile since I have posted. Life has been hectic to say the least.....Anyway, I had the fortune ... or maybe misfortune depending on how you want to look at it to work on the roof of the University of Tennessee Medical Center. I'm a nut for things that fly and helicopters are one...
  5. Tennessee Landscape

    AMA Open Practice Session - Laguna Seca - 6/08

    It was always my dream to come race Laguna Seca. Too bad my racing days are over, and 4 wheels to 2.. Nice pics though, good color Where were you on the track? one sport or did you move around a bit. My favorite spot is the downhill s curve right after topping the hill at about 180
  6. Tennessee Landscape

    Am I starting to get it?

    all these are very nice. all....
  7. Tennessee Landscape

    couples portrait, C&C please

    #6 #9 #10, #6 being my favorite by far. Very nice composition, and cool PP
  8. Tennessee Landscape

    Brandy & Trent Wedding

    5 7 9 11. I like. & probably 7 the best.
  9. Tennessee Landscape

    My first portraits ever............ please C & C

    very pretty girl, number 5 is really the only one I care for in the first set.....JMHO, 2nd set 2nd and 4th pictures she has the incredible hulk eyes.
  10. Tennessee Landscape

    Experimenting with flash outdoors c&c please

    not bad at all. this is a technique I'm still working to perfect. good job
  11. Tennessee Landscape

    What do you think of this editing? C&C

    man that kid drools.....
  12. Tennessee Landscape

    At the car races

    the Bimmer and the blue Stang are quite nice, very fine images in my book.
  13. Tennessee Landscape

    1 shot from my first wedding

    yeah, I missed focus on one eye, and it was rushed cuz they were ready to get to the reception and it was the last picture. i sure did blow out the dress, but, and I say but lightly but I think in a way it's also kinda cool but I do wish I didn't screw that part up thanks for the feedback...
  14. Tennessee Landscape


    i did just about 5 minutes of PP work to his skin, see what you think
  15. Tennessee Landscape

    Motorcycle Racing

    very nice pictures, what sort of equipment were you using? I would imagine some big glass to get such crisp images, not to mention the 12 inches behind the viewfinder?
  16. Tennessee Landscape

    1 shot from my first wedding

    here is a shot from my first wedding, a little play with DOF and som P.P.
  17. Tennessee Landscape

    My first real "photo shoot" 12pix

    Thanks for all the feedback. I'm still learning both the people photography and post processing. I'm actually just now using my own photoshop at home instead of someone elses. By the way, for those wondering. The Lord's Child is a charitable organization like the sameritan's purse. We...
  18. Tennessee Landscape

    My friends Hot GF and my mom and dad

    where's the hot.....well, nevermind
  19. Tennessee Landscape

    My first real "photo shoot" 12pix

    well, I'm not sure if anybody looked at the website but the girl at the top of the homepage is what I am expected to replace. I am going for the sad look, however when I did the touch up on these I don't remember them looking baggy in the eyes, at least as bad as they appear here....oh well...
  20. Tennessee Landscape

    My first real "photo shoot" 12pix

    I doing this for this website I'm the "official photographer" For The Lord's child and right now we are using a purchased picture as our main girl. We want to use our own so I took a couple of girls to a covered bridge and took their pictures. This is my very first time shooting people, but I...