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  1. Goldeeno

    AUTOMOTIVE - Your Car Photography

    I've been away for too long, some amazing and stunning shots on here. Lets keep it going.... few recent ones.. Track Days First time seeing Drifting Few Detail Shots Night Shots - My Car Night Shots - Mates Car Many more on my Flickr
  2. Goldeeno

    Josephine - Heswall, Wirral

    Took a recent trip up to Heswell to catch the sun rise and hopefulyl some boats in the mud. Came back with this one, to me the composure is off by quite a bit and it should have been on a 1/3rd. Any thoughts?
  3. Goldeeno

    08 Assignment-YELLOW- Due October 15 or whenever

    Just put this in the selective colour bit aswell.. fit here though
  4. Goldeeno

    09 - Assignment - Selective Color - No Due Date

    Bit late, but better late than never.
  5. Goldeeno

    Evening/ Night Shoot - Aviation Museum

    Sorry, been out all day :D Canon 350D and sigma 10-20mm, with cable remote (£6 ebay job with lock position for Bulb Shutter) When using the flash, ambient light, ie background is controlled by aperture. So most shots used f4-6 to get the light from the moon etc. Shutter varied, mainly on...
  6. Goldeeno

    Evening/ Night Shoot - Aviation Museum

    Myself and two other members from Flickr decided to meet up an do a night time shoot. This was my first time using the 430EX for this, so much happier to have some control over the power and zoom. Bruntingthorpe houses many aircraft, many still in working condition, and can be seen on open...
  7. Goldeeno

    Damselfly, Tit, Tern, Caterpiller

    1) 2) 3) 4) Just a few things ive spotted on my rounds. Top 3 with 100-400mm and bottom photo with 18-55 Kit.
  8. Goldeeno

    1848...waiting for a customer

    Cool shot, think plain sepia or B&W might be nicer, to me its a bit Red?
  9. Goldeeno

    First time City shoot

    I guess its a sculpture, its in honor of Sir Frank Whittle, founder of the Jet Engine, there also a statue of him under them.
  10. Goldeeno

    First time City shoot

    Living in the land of green pastures and roaming cow's, i dont often get to go and photograph the local city's. Really enjoyed seeing some new places and all thanks to my new job, raoming all over the Uk, so i hope to improve and add to the collection! Coventry, UK 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)...
  11. Goldeeno

    AUTOMOTIVE - Your Car Photography

    A selection of my most recent favs... loads more on Flickr....
  12. Goldeeno

    Why does this cost $25,000?

    Did you say take a mortgage for that lens sir???
  13. Goldeeno

    A Beginners guide to Macro Photography

    Ive never really tried it, but ive seen amazing results, of flowers and insects and generally everything small. But have many questions :D. Its a lens that i would like to add to my collection, but have no idea what i really want or what would be best. Yes, i know it depends what i want to do...
  14. Goldeeno

    Assignment #7 INDUSTRIAL

    Ford Cars Foundry - England
  15. Goldeeno

    Abandoned Trains and Planes (Night Shoot and First time Strobist)

    It was quite windy for the train shots, so the clouds were flying by, makes an awesome effect. As for Urban Exploration, 28dayslater is a pretty good one that ive been involved with, but like you say, there are alot of very negative people on there also. If you like UE, i have a couple of...
  16. Goldeeno

    Abandoned Trains and Planes (Night Shoot and First time Strobist)

    After numerous phone calls from a friend who wanted someone to go shoot some abandoned trains and planes at night. Not owning a flash i borrowed a Jessops special from my uncle. It came with an on/off and test button, but it was a flash so i thought it might do something. I had been eyeing up...