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  1. windzup

    London in November

    Excellent set well done I live 40 mins away from here. Lovely shot of the Imperial War Museum and defo worth a visit if any of you guys come over
  2. windzup

    Church on the sea

    Super shot
  3. windzup

    Phuket sunset

    Super shot well done
  4. windzup


    Well its raining so thoughts I would try something indoors
  5. windzup

    Sharps Rifle

  6. windzup

    Grumpy Pants

  7. windzup

    Eye Test Required

  8. windzup

    Sun Down

  9. windzup

    Reminder of the Summer

  10. windzup


  11. windzup

    Just Hangin

  12. windzup

    couple of hawks

    lovely shots and pin sharp well done
  13. windzup

    Which one of you called me Panda Pants

    Thankyou guys for all your comments great animal to take photos of full of expressions and love acting up especially if food is about this particular shot was taken at Exmour zoo in the UK
  14. windzup

    Which one of you called me Panda Pants

  15. windzup

    Secret Garden

  16. windzup


    Oh Yeah im liking that a lot super shot
  17. windzup

    Drying Off

    Thank you guys just got lucky with this one right place right time ohh and a bit of crawling through the undergrowth
  18. windzup

    The Guv'nor

    Best thing I've ever done wanted a bike since I was 8 I'm now 50 and had one for 2 years The people you meet is amazing from young kids just starting out to a guy who is 91 and been riding bikes since 1946. My wife has got one to. My kids are all grown up and moved out so now is the time to...