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    What are 18-55mm EF-S lenses good for?

    It will not produce a true 1:1, so it is not a macro lens. It will get as close as 9.8".
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    Going macro with canon

    Oh I completely agree! There is no way I would hand my 65mm to a new macro shooter. It inspires frustration in me, and I know what it is capable of and how to use it (somewhat). :)
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    Going macro with canon

    I think you just fail to see that the 100mm is a great lens. It's MTF figures are higher than both of those other Sigma's AND the 180mm f/3.5L. I have yet to find a bug that I can't get close enough too to shoot at 1:1 or so. Now ..... the MP-E 1x-5x is a whole other story.
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    Going macro with canon

    I would go with the 150mm, it gets much better reviews than 180mm. If you want to shoot insects, I can guarantee that you are going to want to shoot in the f/11 range, because of the shallowness of the DOF at 1:1.
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    Aperture vs. Lightroom

    Both have free trials. Download them and see which one you like better. I personally chose Lightroom, but thats just me. :)
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    Rave Love

    Very nice! P.L.U.R. ;)
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    Extremely well stated!!!! I'll see ya on the other side Trenton! :)
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    Various Images... titles are up to you

    Excellent series! If I had to pick a favorite it would be either 2 or 7. :)
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    Very nice! I like the stitching over the eyes and mouth.
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    Surf & Landscape

    Great shot! I feel like it conveys a true love of the sport (being that it looks absolutely freezing there .... and we complain here in Florida and wear wetsuits ... lol).
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    Going macro with canon

    The Sigma does give you a longer working distance (about 3 inches longer). But this made me a little nervous when I read it: Probably just a fluke, but still makes me nervous. I was looking to pick one up in addition to my 100mm, but decided to spend the money on a macro friendly tripod...
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    Any ideas for a camera bag that doesn't look like a camera bag

    I use a Crumpler bag. Just looks like a normal shoulder bag to most people.
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    Broadway Photo ? It has been discussed before. That is the link to the ratings.
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    FS: Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS

    Sorry, no it is not.
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    Nice shots as usual man!
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    Going macro with canon

    I don't know about the 60mm, but the 180L has LOWER resolution figures than the 100mm. The 100 is FREAKISHLY sharp and an excellent lens. I find it has plenty of working distance, even for most jumpy subjects. Eventually I would reccomend a ring light or an off-camera flash setup. While...
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    A nice long list of photography related questions

    How often do you use your tripod, and what do you use it for? About 40% of the time I guess. If the subject is being nice and not moving then I will try to get the tripod out so I can focus stack easier. What do you think is the most important piece of kit to own and why. Besides camera...
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    I Have Pollen In My Eye

    Awesome! Now you have a definite winner, I like it a lot! :)
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    I Have Pollen In My Eye

    Make sure to post the results! :)
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    I Have Pollen In My Eye

    Its a great shot, but I would try and lighten up the wasp a little bit. Seems a little on the dark side.