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    For Sale: Nikkor 600mm f4 AF-S ED VR

    Much loved lens in excellent condition complete with carry case and comes with wimberley head foot (also have the tripod + head for sale). Some marks on the hood and carry case but optics are dust free and all in working order. £4,995 collection from West Sussex, could meet half way or I am in...
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    WTB: P40 plate or alternative

    I'm looking for a Wimberley P40 plate in the Uk (or shipping to UK). Contact me via PM
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    200mm f/4D Micro-Nikkor and the x2 TC?

    So wondered if any knows if the 200mm f/4D micro can fit onto the x2 TC? I know the AF won't work but will it fit? I think the elements might be in the wrong place.
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    Really UPS... Really?

    So I ordered myself a new laptop and this sarga unfolded. My laptop is more travelled than I am!
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    My first film!

    As some of you may know I worked at the the beginning of the summer for a company that produces wildlife documentaries as an Edit Assistant. I then went to Skomer to film my own shortly afterwards, well I've played with it for a while and I'm not 100% happy with the footage but I thought I'd...
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    I've edited most of my Arctic Fox shots from Iceland, I'm slowly putting together a few other projects but until then I thought I'd share a few more shots from Iceland. #1 Piercing D3s / 600mm f4 VR / 1.4x #2 Stuck D3s / 600mm f4 VR / 1.4x C&C always appreciated
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    Sound problems - computers

    I cannot profess to be a particularly well versed "sound person", I'm a Mac man by trade and so my ailing Dell computer is only used for general web browsing and those late night Counter Strike sessions oh and playing music very loudly. This recently has become a problem sometimes when I'm...
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    Hide and Seek

    Another photo from Iceland, Arctic Foxes are very shy and retiring but if you wait still and silent they will eventually get used to you. This process takes time and whilst I was waiting you could see them peering through the Wildlife flowers at me. D3s / 600mm f4 VR / 1.4x
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    Arctic Fox 2 [Iceland]

    I'm just working my way through and editing my photos from Iceland, where I was sent to go photograph the Arctic Fox in a place called Hornvik. D3s / 600mm f4 VR / 1.4x This particular Fox was the male whom breeds with 3 females, sadly all the pups this year died in June due to a cold snap...
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    Using TPF on my iPhone a lot at the moment due to travel. I want to be able to like posts, can we fix this please!
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    Arctic Fox [Iceland]

    I've just returned from Iceland, where I've been photographing among a few other things Arctic Foxes. I'm so lucky to be able to travel to places like Hornik in the Westfjords and so I thought before I set off for some more travelling I'd like to share a quick edit of what I've been...
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    Harrasment in London

    It appears that you can still get harassed as a photographer in London. Not by the police but private security.
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    Toga! Toga! Toga!

    TPF Toga party in here?
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    Wiped my Mac key-bindings

    Crap! I've just started using my older iMac, that has been unused for anything other than internet for a while. I've re-installed Final Cut Pro 7, and started logging some footage. It was all going well, until I tried to do a screen save, I had to re-keybind it as it wasn't set anymore. It...
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    Been working on some different things and I'll be putting together a trip report in the next few days. In the meantime you can have a sneak peak of what I was filming - Favourite D700 / 600mm f4 VR / 1.4x Nikkor
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    I'm off!

    Well not forever, but for a while. I'm involved in 2 wildlife video projects, both of which are abroad and in the middle of flipping no where. Rather exciting, as I'm working as a cameraman but I can't say anymore till they are finished. I will in August be travelling, to Canada for a black...
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    "The shots that almost killed me" War Photographers

    Very interesting article using a compilation of photographs and stories from some of the worlds best war photographers The shot that nearly killed me: War photographers Warning contains graphic images.
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    Couldn't you have run a competition to produce an Avatar? Some what disappointed by your new one. Preferred the grey beard!
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    Meet Putin's personal photographer!

    Makes sense, doesn't it? Meet Putin’s New Personal Photographer - Julia Ioffe - The Moscow Diaries - Forbes NOTE - Probably NSWF, depending where you work.
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    Mounting problems, can't get things on.

    Now that I've got your attention. My question - how would you put a AVC-CAM 101 with converter and a 600mm f/4 VR on a Vinten Vision 6? Wacky ideas welcome!