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  1. Fedaykin

    Father and son

    Just thought I'd share this picture from a recent family birthday party. It was the little boy's first birthday. C&C appreciated as always. Thanks for looking!
  2. Fedaykin

    First try at baby pictures.

    Hey guys. My girlfriend's sister's baby turns one in a few days, so as a gift I offered to take pictures of him, I need the practice. It was a lot of fun, but very challenging, he kept moving a lot and wouldn't look at the camera(he kinda hates me), luckily his mom and aunt where there to help...
  3. Fedaykin

    Trip to Cuba.

    Bayamo, Cuba to be precise. I am from and live in Puerto Rico; my father is Cuban and migrated to Puerto Rico at the age of 15. He's gone to visit his family(he came with only his immediate family, parents, brothers) a few times in the past 15 years. Only now have I been able to go. It...
  4. Fedaykin

    Messing with off camera flash(8 photos)

    For the first time that is. Shot with some donated lighting gear(from my Brother-in-Law) and my recently bough Lumopro LP160 flash. The following five shots where taken with a cheap monolight in a softbox camera left and flash through umbrella camera right for fill. 1.My boy: 2.My niece...
  5. Fedaykin

    Upgrade to 40/50D or 5D Mk I('Classic'). For portraiture.

    Hey guys. I got a decision to make. I plan on starting to work as a portrait photographer next year, and I want to upgrade my Rebel XS(both for IQ and having a backup body purposes). I've narrowed it down to a 40D/50D or a 5D Mk I; as they are all within my budget I want to know how...
  6. Fedaykin

    I think I'm finally happy with my list

    Of lenses I want to get that is. I plan to shoot mainly portraiture professionally. But I also like to dabble in street photography and a little landscape. Knowing that, I've read and looked at samples/tests, etc; and I have come up with this list(on order of purchase more or less) of lenses...
  7. Fedaykin

    I love wide angle :)

    Quick background check: My sister has been a wedding photog for a few years now. Starting this past April I've been assisting her as a second shooter in some of her weddings. It's what got me into photography. It's been an awesome opportunity to learn the business and better myself as a...
  8. Fedaykin

    Old San Juan. Testing out Tamron 17-50.

    I finally got the Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8(non-VC). So I decided to take it to Old San Juan(San Juan=capitol of Puerto Rico, Old as in the old part of town :P ) to test it out. Ended up having a great time. It was also the first time I went out with the intention of keeping my camera on my neck and...
  9. Fedaykin

    Tungsten portrait :P

    Just some quick shots while playing some billiards with my gf at my house. She wanted me to take her picture for some reason so I grabbed the camera(she NEVER asks me to take her picture). I had to improvise though. It was like 9pm and I don't have strobes yet. So I grabbed a lamp I have there...
  10. Fedaykin

    Casa Bacardi visit.

    Went to the Casa Bacardi distillery in Puerto Rico(where I live) with my girl yesterday. All of these where taken with my nifty fifty. Didn't take too many pictures as the weather sucked. But here are my favorites. These are mostly snapshots, but C&C is welcome as always: 1. 2. 3...
  11. Fedaykin

    My Chihuahua all grown up.

    Can't believe how big he's gotten already, he's 5 months old now. Wish the background was better for these. They look muddy to me too, light was almost midday, contrast went to hell; and these are edited. I wanted to expose to the right as I always do but the background was turning way to...
  12. Fedaykin

    Zack Arias free workshop Live.

    You guys been watching this? LIVE Worldwide Classroom | It's been awesome.
  13. Fedaykin

    Critique my lens Wish List please :)

    I want to get the most bang for my buck as I am a student and don't have a lot of money, but I've started photography and am quite enthusiastic about it. For the moment I am assisting my sister shooting some weddings alongside her(she runs a wedding photography business with her husband)...
  14. Fedaykin

    Baby+Stuffed Bear=Cute

    This is my sister's nephew. His mom brought him for a visit, I had my DSLR with me so I decided to take some shots. These were shot around 5 pm in a living room with one wall being a big sliding door, so basically a big sorta diffused light source which made for some decent light. Had to shoot...
  15. Fedaykin

    Stray Kitten

    I found this kitten on my backyard tonight. He's really thin so I'm gonna buy him some goat's milk to get him healthy. Gonna try to find someone to take him, if I can't I'll probably just let him loose; he'd probably stick around(my other cat lives outside and his food is always on the porch)...
  16. Fedaykin

    Sad Face

    C&C on conversion please?
  17. Fedaykin

    First attempt at B&W and Sepia conversions

    Title says it all. C&C please. How can I improve these? Thanks for looking.
  18. Fedaykin

    Penguins, babies, Harley's and foliage.

    Pretty much what my day consisted of today :D Went to celebrate Mother's day with my family, took a bunch of pictures with my new 1000D. Most of these are snapshots of sorts, but C&C is still welcome of course.
  19. Fedaykin

    The difference between Auto WB and Cutom WB

    In this case under tungsten lighting at night, indoors. Since my XS's WB presets weren't giving a good result for shooting in these conditions(my house) I decided to try out Cutom White Balance. As I don't have an 18% Grey or White card, I had to use house hold paper. These are my results...
  20. Fedaykin

    Canon Rebel XS Battery cover broken.

    I've had my new XS for two days. 10 minutes ago I accidentally dropped it on the table from a distance of 6 inches. It landed on the battery cover, which was open. It did in such a way that it broke one of the plastic hinges and apparently something which didn't let my camera turn on. ****. i...