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  1. Jbs


    its an e93 (i think e93 is the convertible one?) 328i w/ sport package tell me what you think, there are bigger sizes on my flickr. And a Pic of the interior while the car drove itself away :lol:
  2. Jbs

    Jeez, I've been gone a while.

    sorry for going MIA for a couple weeks. Here is some of my most recent work (yesterday on the way up to Ventura). You can see the rest on my Flickr ( I was driving up into Ventura yesterday, and I decided that I had a little extra time to stop at the big...
  3. Jbs

    Couple Long Exposures

    Didn't have my remote cable, so max i could do was 30 seconds :cry:. Soooo I compensated by bumping up to iso 1600 :D ;). I kinda messed up on the last one, I didn't know there was that much light behind me lol.
  4. Jbs

    Bigass Truck

    So coming back from Palm Springs, I had a couple opportunities to shoot some cars on the freeway when I let my friend drive. Here is a shot I like from the drive home, tell me what you think please
  5. Jbs

    Driving Through the Hills

    I think there are a couple keepers in here :) I was amazed at the polarizing filter, there was basically no PP in this whole shoot. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. EDITED VERSION OF 6 CAN BE SEEN HERE (Friend felt like playing with photoshop to fix the blown sky)
  6. Jbs

    A pic of my car

    tell me if i went a bit overboard w/ the PP btw, the text in the bottom right is just to piss off m5board. please ignore it :greenpbl:
  7. Jbs

    Ghetto light box and old cameras

    tell me what you think of this please :) I like the 1st one the most here is a pic of the setup (told you it was ghetto haha)
  8. Jbs

    How To: Multiple exposure without flash

    We've all tried going into a dark room with the shutter on bulb and firing off the flash every time we have a new interesting pose, but that limits you to only dark environments, and gives you this ghostly transparent appearence, which is usually not what you're going for. Here is a much easier...
  9. Jbs

    Another Multi shot

    this is what happens when you are on jetlag and cant fall asleep at 4am haha
  10. Jbs

    Japan 07/08 (Lots of Pictures)

    I am going to add photos as i go, so please comment on whatever you find interesting etc :) Also, these might not be sharp (as usual), because i did not process them for this size. i did all the processing in full res and then just downsized for here. Random glass wall and ceiling in the...
  11. Jbs

    Tokyo Skyline Remix

    here they are post processed, tell me what you think!
  12. Jbs

    Shrine (and other stuff in kyoto)

    i forget the name, but i went there today... No PP on this. i will add more shots when i wake up tomorrow :)
  13. Jbs

    In Kyoto Now

    So i am out of tokyo and into kyoto, way more pics to come. Here is from the train leaving tokyo (the glass was awful; smudges and streaks etc) Kyoto has a very cool station (sadly this is the only picture from it though haha) We have an awesome hotel the elevators are awesome too :D...
  14. Jbs

    Some light painting in the hotel room

    bored in the hotel room after a long day of wandering around tokyo... i have a couple more, but these two came out the best (i have no ability to PP :() tracing a couple objects in the room: my sister went crazy with the flashlight after i traced a couple things:
  15. Jbs

    Tokyo Landscape

    I love this new 10-22 lens! I dont have my real computer over here and am on a crappy laptop that can barely run picasa. here are a couple pics from today, no PP except for a little contrast adjustment.
  16. Jbs

    40d kit lens

    is bad. Today i bought a Canon 10-22 for my 40d, and it is 10000000000x clearer, i have more contrast and color. i feel like i can see! now i know what everyone is talking about glass being the most important factor of the picture; this is a huge difference! I am in Japan, so i cant really...
  17. Jbs

    too busy?

    i thought it was cool :)
  18. Jbs

    Merry Christmas!

    I am leaving for Tokyo on friday, so I won't be here during Xmas.... so Merry Christmas to you all! taken tonight -
  19. Jbs


    i found this dirt road that was very smooth, but i could still get the car sideways :heart: anyways, here are some pics
  20. Jbs

    2nd lens recommendation

    so i have a canon 40d with the kit lens (28-135). i want to get a second lens, but not sure what to get. so far i am thinking the 10-22 or (canon or sigma depending on how much cash i have at the time). i know i want wider shots, but that's about all :lol: thanks for the help