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  1. Goldeeno

    Josephine - Heswall, Wirral

    Took a recent trip up to Heswell to catch the sun rise and hopefulyl some boats in the mud. Came back with this one, to me the composure is off by quite a bit and it should have been on a 1/3rd. Any thoughts?
  2. Goldeeno

    Evening/ Night Shoot - Aviation Museum

    Myself and two other members from Flickr decided to meet up an do a night time shoot. This was my first time using the 430EX for this, so much happier to have some control over the power and zoom. Bruntingthorpe houses many aircraft, many still in working condition, and can be seen on open...
  3. Goldeeno

    Damselfly, Tit, Tern, Caterpiller

    1) 2) 3) 4) Just a few things ive spotted on my rounds. Top 3 with 100-400mm and bottom photo with 18-55 Kit.
  4. Goldeeno

    First time City shoot

    Living in the land of green pastures and roaming cow's, i dont often get to go and photograph the local city's. Really enjoyed seeing some new places and all thanks to my new job, raoming all over the Uk, so i hope to improve and add to the collection! Coventry, UK 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)...
  5. Goldeeno

    A Beginners guide to Macro Photography

    Ive never really tried it, but ive seen amazing results, of flowers and insects and generally everything small. But have many questions :D. Its a lens that i would like to add to my collection, but have no idea what i really want or what would be best. Yes, i know it depends what i want to do...
  6. Goldeeno

    Abandoned Trains and Planes (Night Shoot and First time Strobist)

    After numerous phone calls from a friend who wanted someone to go shoot some abandoned trains and planes at night. Not owning a flash i borrowed a Jessops special from my uncle. It came with an on/off and test button, but it was a flash so i thought it might do something. I had been eyeing up...
  7. Goldeeno

    50mm Prime lens for Canon

    After posting a few times about covering a wedding, a lot of people have recommended a lens with a low f stop, should help with low light etc. I notice a very common and popular lens is the Canon 50mm primes, but with a couple of options, i wasnt sure what would be best. At the moment im...
  8. Goldeeno

    Strobes, flashgus

    Im currently looking to get myself a flashgun, but dont really know much about them or what im looking for. Ive been asked to do a wedding as a friend on the 27th december, so chances are im going to need to know how to use a flash by then. Ive got a canon 350D, and was looking at the Canon...
  9. Goldeeno

    CS3 - RAW Files - HDR's

    I took some shots of tonights sunset, and i want to try a HDR with them. Ive got CS3 and know how to work the HDR program, but not had much success with it.. practice more i think. I wanted to know if you use the RAW files to make HDR's, i have only ever tried with Jpeg, is it possible. For...
  10. Goldeeno

    Covering a Conference - Basics

    I was wondering if you guys could offer some advice on shooting and covering a conference type event. I was woundering if you normally use a flash these events, they are normally quite well lit anyway, and i know from a previous times i had alot of red eye, how can i avoid this? Also there...
  11. Goldeeno

    Shooting the Moon

    I had a proper go at shooting the moon tonight, and to be honest, really struggled. 1) 2) These two shots came out best. I was using my 350D, in RAW, 100-400mm, on a tripod, i havent got a remote but used the timer. ISO 100 Tried different shutters and apertures, but the best shots came...
  12. Goldeeno

    Selling Photos

    I think i posted this in the wrong section earlier.... I recently went along to a track day, and one of the guys that was there has asked me if i can send him 8 of the photos ive taken of his car. He says he doesnt mind paying, and has asked if i can send them on a CD for him to keep. Anyone...
  13. Goldeeno

    Track Day Photos

    I recently went along to a track day, and one of the guys that was there has asked me if i can send him 8 of the photos ive taken of his car. He says he doesnt mind paying, and has asked if i can send them on a CD for him to keep. Anyone sold anything like this, and have you got an idea of how...
  14. Goldeeno

    Boats lined up..

  15. Goldeeno

    Tree Skin and Snowdrops

    Caught this bit of silverbirch comming off a tree and the sun shining through, lighting it up a brilliant red. And some snowdrops out early in the broken sunlight in the woods.
  16. Goldeeno

    Going through Customs..

    Hey guys, going Austria, lucky me on sat, and im taking my camera stuff with me. Only been on a plane twice, and never took a camera either time. Just wondered if all the gear os ok going through x ray etc? Got it all in a lowpro backpack, and will be taking it hand luggage. Ps, i fancy...
  17. Goldeeno

    Autosport International, Birmingham NEC

    A few more photos from friday. and the days set.. Enjoy
  18. Goldeeno

    Wedding Photography... HELP

    Hi guys, didnt know where to post this really. Ive been asked to cover a wedding in August (2nd). They cant afford a photographer, and didnt really want one, but whats a wedding day without a few photos. Im a good friend of a friend, who is related, and hes asked if i wouldnt mind covering the...