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  1. GeorgeUK

    Barcelona '09 - People Street Candids

    Hi all, haven't posted for a while, really snowed under at work. Hope you enjoy a selection of shots from my most recent holiday in Barcelona last month. Tried to get some people shots, locals and tourists to get a feel for the place. Barcelona is a very characterful city, certainly...
  2. GeorgeUK

    Over the shoulder...

    Taken on a rainy grey day at Loch Lomond in Scotland of a family looking out over the water in silence. 70-200L @ f/4, bit of work in Lightoom (sepia filter), high pass filter applied in Photoshop as well as a touch of sharpening. Not sure which crop works better because they send different...
  3. GeorgeUK

    Amsterdam: Street Details (not people)

    Haven't posted in a while, bandwidth issues with Photobucket apparently! Here are a selection of details taken on the streets of Amstrerdam (people shots added to people section). Mostly done with the 70-200L f/4 (love this lens!), pp done in Lightroom to convert to black and white. Gone for...
  4. GeorgeUK

    Amsterdam: People Street Candids

    Haven't posted in a while, bandwidth issues with Photobucket apparently! Here are a selection of people candids taken on the streets of Amstrerdam. Mostly done with the 70-200L f/4 (love this lens!), pp done in Lightroom to convert to black and white. Gone for quite a high contrast b&w...
  5. GeorgeUK

    I can haz EOS 450D...!?

    Apparently you can! The girlfriend's brother has just purchased a 450D (and on my advice a 50mm). Thought I'd snap him with my 'old skool' () 400D. Used my own nifty fifty and Speedlight. Lightroom pp for the selenium tone. Imported to CS3 for high pass sharpening and a touch of contrast...
  6. GeorgeUK

    Cokin P Series Filters on a Sigma 10-20

    I'm looking to get some filters (in particular ND grads for some landscape work) and I've been steered towards the Cokin P Series. For those that don't know, these are square filters that fit on the front of the lens via an adaptor like so: My landcape lens is a Sigma 10-20 and I'm...
  7. GeorgeUK

    Autumn in Geneva

    Some shots from a recent trip to Geneva (Switzerland). Autumn was in full flow with greens turning to golden yellow and brown. Here are a few details. Everyone rides bikes in Geneva. Taken with the 70-200L C&C welcome as always. :)
  8. GeorgeUK

    Geneva - Street Photography (B&W)

    Hi all, Just got back from a w/e away in Geneva. Nice town with good photos opportunities. Had a good test of the new 70-200L. Lovely lovely lens to use. Focusing is super quick, and even with it being 'non-IS', just boosting the ISO a touch means blur isn't much of an issue. Here are some...
  9. GeorgeUK

    Piering into the Sunset

    Taken last weekend in Montreux (near Geneva) by Chateau Chillon. Taken with a Sigma 10-20, touch of PP done, just to bring out the detail in the pier and add a bit of warmth. Quite pleased with how it has come out. C&C appreciated as always :)
  10. GeorgeUK

    Metering for different parts of a shot

    I understand the concept of evaluative, partial and spot metering but often in posts I see people being advised to 'meter for the sky' or 'meter for the foreground'. How does one actually do this? Partial and spot metering are in the centre of the viewfinder afaik. If I focus on one of the...
  11. GeorgeUK

    The girlfriend in a cold Regent's Park

    Important to dress up warm round here come Autumn time. :) For once she was actually pleased with a photo I has taken! C&C appreciated as always
  12. GeorgeUK

    The gf in the park in b&W

    Just playing with the 70-200 this weekend in the park, got this shot while the gf wasn't looking. Conversion to b&w using the P'shop channel mixer, plus a touch of contrast. Distracting figures on the left in the background unfortunately, was tempted to attempt a tighter crop. Not sure how...
  13. GeorgeUK

    London Eye at night

    Instead of going out drinking, tonight I took a couple of night shots. Tripod required of course. Amazing to see how many people were out there taking shots as well! Anyways, here are the pics and info. C&C welcome as always :) f/11, 15 sec exposure, ISO 200 at 20mm (using Sigma 10-20)...
  14. GeorgeUK

    Ayutthaya temple ruins, Thailand

    One of my many shots out in Thailand, and one of the few which I thought would benefit from a b&w conversion. (I did add it to the end of my HDR series in the landscape section, but hoped it would be worthy of critique here). Shot with a Sigma 10-20. HDR formed from 1 RAW and processed in...
  15. GeorgeUK

    A string of lights... the Night Bazaar in Bangkok. Thought these would make quite a fun photo, 2 different angles. C&C welcome as always
  16. GeorgeUK

    Thailand, in HDR (temples & boat)

    Here are a few shots from my recent Thailand trip with a bit of HDRing in Photomatix. Tried not to go overboard, just make them stand out over the standard shots. C&C very much welcome as always. :)
  17. GeorgeUK

    Which zoom? 55-250 vs 30-300

    Following my trip away in Thailand, I've been meaning to get myself a zoom for the 400D. I'm thinking either the 55-250 with IS or the 70-300 wish IS (and USM). The difference is about £100. Is the extra 50mm at the top end (and the fact it is USM) worth the extra cash? Any other...
  18. GeorgeUK

    The Hill Tribes in Thailand

    Here are some people shots I got (with the 50mm prime) during my time trekking from Chang Mai in Thailand. C & C appreciated as always :)
  19. GeorgeUK

    London's MotorExpo (car show)

    Yet another chance to play with the 50mm prime and see what it can do. Bit of a mini car show this, some lovely cars on display. Hope the photos can do them justice. :) Alfa Romeo 159 (b&w conversion) Mercedes SL500 Corvette Morgan Pagani Zonda BMW M3 BMW X6...
  20. GeorgeUK

    Camden Lock (London)

    Just a little play with my new Sigma 10-20. Bit of selective colouring and high pass filter applied. Vignette and contrast boost: I think this has left it a touch to dark overall and the bridge is too bright. Thus toned down a touch, sans vignette: Comments and criticism welcome as...