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    After He's Gone

    Thank you both. Yes "Best Friend" could be slightly out of focus. I shot this in macro and focused on the dog's name "Dalton" although the N looks a bit out of focus to me.
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    The perfect eye shot?

    Yep, a macro would be good. :thumbup: As for lighting, I'd experiment with several different sources (I like outdoors/sun best) but try to stay away from an on camera flash to your subject's eyes. I'm sure that's obvious though.
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    After He's Gone

    Just in a bit of a funk lately. What else is there to do but to capitalize on my own sorrow? First time trying HDR. I've always told myself it was too fake/processed looking. But you know what? Today I kind of like it. What do you think? <----or CC welcome ;) PICT0014 by BlackDogsPhoto...
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    The Infamous Mario Kart Banana

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    Hallo from Italy

    Ciao Welcome to the forum.
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    Help, I suck at nature.

    I agree. Looking at the first photo I find the composition rather pleasing but am not real thrilled with the B&W.
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    This explains it all.

    Sounds like my kind of day - :)
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    Basement Stairs

    Oh boy does this photo make your mind wander. Nicely done.
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    top two photography magazines?

    There's so many but I'd have to say my favorites would be LensWork and Aperture. Probably not the top 2 as far as the market goes. I also like Outdoor Photographer, American Photo and B&W + Color.
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    Dragonfly and Honeysuckle

    :lol: I used to call them honeysuckles when I was a kid too. Then I found out that honeysuckles are different flowers. Yes, these do taste good - like candy.
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    Few Hot Rods from today.

    It's very nice the way it is too. Gives you the feeling the hot rod raced right up to you and stopped. ;)
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    Dragonfly and Honeysuckle

    I kind of like the softness but I doubt you're looking for a critique :) I think these flowers are called columbines not honeysuckle. (Hi, from a fellow Minnesotan.)
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    Few Hot Rods from today.

    These are both very nice IMO. The colors of these 2 hot rods make a nice contrast between them and nature's sky/tar road. I'm not real keen on the crop/framing in the first one - kind of would like to see less space behind (or maybe more in front instead of behind) the hot rod but that's just me.
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    Found a mint condition vintage gillette

    Fun, I remember my mom shaving her legs with one of those things!
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    Colin Creevey's pick: the Argus C-3 Match-Matic

    :thumbup: Love the blog! Looking forward to reading more.
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    A mans best friend. I invite you to share...

    I posted my 2 boys on the Pets of TPF thread but being a HUGE dog lover I'll be more than happy to post them again. Butch; PICT0090 by BlackDogsPhoto, on Flickr Sundance; PICT0017 by BlackDogsPhoto, on Flickr and I'll add Dalton whom I just lost to cancer on the 10th because I still miss...
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    Impossible Project Film?

    Has anyone used this film? Did you like it? Hate it? Advice to others? Thx!
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    Dead Man's Hand

    Love it! Maybe IF I'd change anything at all, I'd try real money & coins or older poker chips instead of the newer brightly colored poker chips??? Maybe.
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    Black and White or In color. Help

    I agree - definitely the color.
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    Hammock Strings C&C Please :)

    I think the DOF is fine but I'm told I have tunnel vision myself. :) I'm kind of liking the color versions better than the B&W.