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  1. Rick Waldroup

    Sundance Square

    Sundance Square - Fort Worth, Texas - August 1, 2018
  2. Rick Waldroup

    Families Belong Together March

    Families Belong Together March - Fort Worth, Texas - June 30, 2018 On Saturday, June 30, 2018, thousands of demonstrators in hundreds of cities across the United States, took to the streets to protest President Trump's "zero tolerance" policy of separating immigrant children from their parents...
  3. Rick Waldroup

    Tips For Photos

    Shot in downtown Austin, Texas a few years ago.
  4. Rick Waldroup


    Commerce Street - Dallas, Texas Main Street - Dallas, Texas Animus Street - Trinidad, Colorado Walton Street - Dallas, Texas
  5. Rick Waldroup


    Bikers With Their Favorite Lamp - Granbury, Texas Deep Ellum - Dallas, Texas Pegasus Plaza - Main Street - Dallas, Texas Thompson's Bookstore (Speakeasy) - Fort Worth, Texas Marilla Street - Dallas, Texas
  6. Rick Waldroup

    Scat Jazz Club

    Scat Jazz Club - Fort Worth, Texas - May 10, 2014
  7. Rick Waldroup


    Some random shots from the past few months Fire Eater - Grand Prairie, Texas Life's A Peach - Weatherford, Texas Bull Riders Getting Ready - Glen Rose, Texas Riding the Blue Line - Dallas, Texas
  8. Rick Waldroup

    Elvis on 7th Street

    Elvis on 7th Street - Fort Worth, Texas - November 16, 2013 I was not quite sure where to put this. We need a street photography gallery on this forum.
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  10. Rick Waldroup

    North Main Street

    North Main Street - Fort Worth, Texas
  11. Rick Waldroup


    Luchador (Self Portrait) - Hotel Room - Arlington, Texas - October 18, 2013
  12. Rick Waldroup


    Many years ago, back in the mid-1970's, I talked my way into a gig shooting sports for a local newspaper (now defunct) in the Dallas metro area. My first assignment was shooting a high school football game. I hated it. I quickly found out that I was not cut out to shoot sports. I felt like if...
  13. Rick Waldroup


    Since we do not have a street forum, I am posting the photos here. These are some random shots from the past few months. They were shot with several different cameras including an OM-D, a Lumix GX-1, and an Epson RD-1. A variety of lenses were used. Bourbon Street - New Orleans Cowboy -...
  14. Rick Waldroup

    Little Girl With Her Friend

    Little Girl With Her Friend
  15. Rick Waldroup

    Secrets at a Birthday Party

  16. Rick Waldroup

    Field Street

    Field Street - Dallas - February 23, 2009
  17. Rick Waldroup

    Plano Rail Station

    Plano Rail Station - Plano, Texas - February 4, 2009 This is from a new project, Riding the Rails.
  18. Rick Waldroup

    T & P Train Station - Shot #3

    T & P Train Station - Fort Worth, TX - August 28, 2008 - Shot #3
  19. Rick Waldroup

    At the Circus

    The camera was a Leica M5 with a 50mm lens. The film was Tri-X, pushed to probably around 1200, and then processed in Rodinal.