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  1. wolfepakt

    Yeah ROX!!!!

    I know Corry and others are baseball fans, so I just want to say: GO ROCKIES! Awesome game tonight! went 13 innings to decide the wild card in the NL! Troy
  2. wolfepakt


    Anybody here know anything about it? My late father was an avid woodworker, and I inherited all of his tools. I would like to learn how to use some of them (ok all of them) but don't know where to start! Any suggestions for places I might start? I have done lots of google searches and am...
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    All, I am gonna be off list for at least a week as I have to go to AZ for my dad's funeral. He passed away this morning. It was unexpected, and I am in shock. If you pray, please do. Troy
  4. wolfepakt

    Ok to edit modification

    I like something suggested in OT: It could be Yellow!
  5. wolfepakt


    For all of the open source geeks on TPF: Novell Wins!!!!!!!!!! but more importantly: SCO loses!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. wolfepakt

    Long exposure

    Decided that the hill three blocks from my house was a great place to try to shoot some long exposure shots of cars passing: 1) 2) (the yellow streak at the top was a taxi.... I really like how it turned out) 3) 4) 5) Love the car parked at the red light here. My second...
  7. wolfepakt


    I threw the ball, grabbed the camera and caught this shot! (notice the football is white) (And yes he caught that ball!)
  8. wolfepakt

    After the rain

    As I do not have a DSLR, Macro style shots are rough! My Kodak P850 does a decent job though!
  9. wolfepakt


    Ok so as I put in the PJ forum it is Frontier Days here in Cheyenne. With Frontier days, it seems that rain accompanies! (Just like Mother nature to add some rain to a huge outdoor party!) Anyway, here is a shot of the runoff by my truck:
  10. wolfepakt

    Passover 2007

    Ok, I know I am roughly 3 months late to post these, but hey who cares. I attend a Jewish roots Christian church (that is also Charismatic) and we celebrate Passover every year. These are some shots from our Seder. These two are some of the congregational dancing we do. I cannot do this...
  11. wolfepakt

    "Daddy of em all"

    Dunno if all of you Easterners have ever heard of Cheyenne Frontier Days, But it is billed as the World's Largest Outdoor Rodeo. It is a huge party here in Cheyenne, and there is lots of stuff to do! I took my kids and nephews to the rodeo grounds for the free stuff. (PS, if I had the cash to...
  12. wolfepakt


    Some of you remember that i registered a few months ago and now I don't want it anymore, and am selling it......... If you are interested drop me a PM or an email and I will talk terms with you. If I don't get any interest I am gonna try ebay! Troy PS mods if...
  13. wolfepakt


    Well it is me again, I am mostly..... partly ..... ok I am still working on getting settled! I got DSL bout a week ago but have been so busy moving, and working and figuring out how to get VoIP working with my Actiontec Qwest modem and my D-Link routher and everything I just now got in here to...
  14. wolfepakt

    Kodak Commercial

    Has anyone else gotten a good laugh at this commercial: Troy
  15. wolfepakt


    So those of you who know me, It is official. I am moving to Cheyenne Wyoming in January..... My last day at Wal mart DC 6029 in Hurricane UT is jan 12 and my first day in Cheyenne is Jan 22! Should be an exciting change!
  16. wolfepakt

    Bridezilla (from WTD)

    Tell me do you photogs ever feel like saying that?
  17. wolfepakt

    Might be moving

    Anyone here know much about the thriving Metropolis of Cheyenne, WY? I have put in for a transfer to a new Wal-Mart Grocey dc and will be moving first of the year.....
  18. wolfepakt

    Need a new brain?

    Hey guys, I found this ad in the local phone book. It is an ad for advertizing in the phone book. I got a major kick out of it and thought ya'll would get a kick out of it:
  19. wolfepakt

    Birthday Art

    My daughter just had her 7th birthday, and this is the cake my wife made for her: the bottom is 4 layers the spire is 3 quarter layers (one layer cut in fourths and then stacked) the bottom ramparts are mini bundt cakes the draw bridge and the outside of the spires are Kelloggs Disney...
  20. wolfepakt

    where am I going?

    This path is behind a baseball diamond at Toquerville City Park. The way the shadow fell caught my eye and so I thought I would share with the world!