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  1. beanphotography

    Sunset flower

    I would have framed it more to the right. too much negative space on the left portion of the image.
  2. beanphotography

    Sunset Time

    So good!
  3. beanphotography

    Sunset Time

    I agree.. too much negative space on the right portion of the image.
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    I've had some inquiries about prints and such. Some people have expressed interest in wanting to buy some of my work in print and canvas form. Anyone know of a good place to get prints at at a reasonable price?
  6. beanphotography

    Neon Signs - C&C Please

    the later posts are much better. I'm still digging the use of BW on the Cafe photo. Love it.
  7. beanphotography

    Got a "new" camera...

    number 1: the subject appears to be the bud or seed pod (whatever it is) yet it is out of focus. It's an interesting photo but wish that woulda been in focus instead of the random piece of branch near the base. Number 3: there's not really much to it.. I lke the retro look but it's boring...
  8. beanphotography

    Lunar Halo

    That's a good thought, I might try it with a more blueish tint
  9. beanphotography

    Lunar Halo

    Everyone always hates on the watermark which is naturally on my photo, which is understandable especially that it's just on a photo thread.. but this is the only copy i have on hand right now so spare me the hate:) thanks guys! haha. Lemme know what you think! This is in Arches National Park...
  10. beanphotography

    Road and Rail in London

    I feel like you're lacking a main subject. Just something seems missing. I'm not sure what to look at. I like the first one best though, the red really makes things interesting
  11. beanphotography

    Westminster, London

    I feel composition could be better and would make the photos more interesting to look at. A little too much negative space on both ends of the shot. Just my opinion
  12. beanphotography

    Wish upon the Stars

    Joshua Tree National Park, California:)
  13. beanphotography

    Wish upon the Stars

    how in the heck did you know that? haha that's exactly what I used
  14. beanphotography

    Wish upon the Stars

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    Sea of Silence

    What kind of glass did you use? is that the 10-22?
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    Sea of Silence

    sweet! love the composition
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    A Different Kind of Coffee

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    Appreciate the kind words motta!! I'm really glad you liked it!