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    Bronica S2 Bulb Issues

    I just purchased a Bronica S2 (my first film camera). I loaded it with film and got set to take my first shot (of our Christmas tree), which needed a 16 second exposure. I did not have a shutter release cable, so I set the time to B and pressed and held down the shutter. It made a fairly fast...
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    Big Dipper over Rainier

    Finally got a chance to go out and take some more night pictures. This was my favorite of the night. Unfortunately it's been a while since I've posted on here and I can't seem to figure out how to get the appropriate link from Flickr or to post a larger file, so a small version will have to do...
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    What's Going On?

    I have a Canon 6D, but I'd like people to chime in that have other cameras, as well. I asked this question long ago when I first got the camera, but I don't think many people had experience with it, so I'll ask again... I do lots of night shots and set the exposure manually. However, I want to...
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    Sneaky Spyro

    My son and I built some terrariums. I might have had an ulterior motive... I must say, taking this photo was not easy! It took quite a while for me to figure out how to avoid the reflection of my light on the terrarium bowl. I finally placed the light right against the glass and that seems to...
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    More Burning Love

    Decided to burn some more flowers. What do you think? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
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    Wine Tour Fun

    This weekend was Red Wine and Chocolates in the Yakima Valley. Had a blast and got to take some pictures, especially at the last winery of the night which really indulged me. Of course, I think they were happy to possibly have some nice free photos of their product :) Feel free to critique. I...
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    Burnin' Rose

    Had a little fun with flowers for Valentine's Day. What do you think? 1. 2. 3. 4.
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    Milky Way at Tipsoo Lakes

    I took one last excursion for this year for some night photos. Soon my favorite places will be much harder to get to, and mostly cloudy at night. This was my first attempt at a panorama. Please tell me what you all think of these two shots. The first is an 11 shot vertical panorama taken at...
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    Hood of Fire

    Finally! A night shot I'm proud of! Hood of Fire by RxForB3, on Flickr This is at Lost Lake in Oregon. The mountain is Mt. Hood, hence the title. I still need to work on my post processing, but I'm getting closer!
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    Problem with Exposure in Aperture Mode

    I'm trying to do a night time timelapse video with my Canon 6D. When I do simply night shots or night timelapses, I set the camera in manual mode and expose based on my instinct of what the appropriate exposure should be (say 25 seconds at f/2.8 and ISO 1600 to 3200) without looking at the light...
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    Mt. Rainier Star Trails

    I'm not usually a fan of star trails, but I like how this one turned out. What do you all think? Mt. Rainier Star Trails by RxForB3, on Flickr
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    Mt. Rainier Meteor

    I feel my night shots are getting better. This is from a time lapse I did last night. Unfortunately for the time lapse, I wasn't thinking about how annoying a video in portrait mode is. Fortunate for this shot, though. I THINK this is a meteor. In the shot previous, there's nothing. In the shot...
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    Multnomah Falls

    It's been a while since I've posted. Winter has really limited me photographically it seems. This was a somewhat hastily put together shot (was at the mercy of other people's timing), but I think it might have worked out alright. It's the first time I've felt I liked one of my photos better in...
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    Hello from 38,005 Feet

    Taken with my Canon 6D, transferred wirelessly to my Galaxy Tab, posted by way of in-flight WiFi. Isn't technology amazing?? Assuming the attachment works in any case. Believe me, though, I'll find a way before I land!
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    First Video (In Dulci Jubilo by Leo Sowerby)

    Well, my first video is somewhat of a success. I'm still frustrated by the missing frames I lost when the Canon 6D split the video into two files. Plus, I'm not too happy about the initial volume of the video. However, all in all it turned out ok...what do you all think? I admit it's not...
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    Last night I recorded myself playing organ with my new Canon 6D. I set (probably foolishly) the quality to the highest possible. This meant that in the middle of my recording the file exceeded its 4gb limit and split the file into two separate files. I don't know if this is how other Canon...
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    Children's Clothes Modeling

    My babysitter and her mom are designing and creating clothes for little kids. They asked if I could do some pictures to help show off the clothes. Of course, I'm not the best at portraits, so this is what I got. Unfortunately the weather wasn't optimal, nor the location, and I don't have any...
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    Canon 6D LCD Screen Protector

    I literally just got my 6D. I figured while the battery was charging, I'd have a look around for a screen protector. I can't seem to find anything and I found a post on another forum suggesting one is not needed. Any ideas if this is true? Perhaps because it's plastic and not glass?
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    Another Self-Portrait Attempt

    I feel this is the best attempt so far. However, I'm sure there's lots more I could fix. Which of these three would you consider the best and why? What could I do differently (besides pulling the weeds). 1. IMG_2324 by RxForB3, on Flickr 2. IMG_2320 by RxForB3, on Flickr 3. IMG_2310...
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    Critique Please

    Definitely not got this whole portrait thing down yet, and these two weren't the most cooperative subjects. Any suggestions? Please be harsh and specific so I can learn! 1. IMG_2201 by RxForB3, on Flickr 2. IMG_2151 by RxForB3, on Flickr 3. IMG_2148 by RxForB3, on Flickr