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  1. Phazan

    Can anyone recommend me a decent point-and-shoot?

    So I'm going on a trip to Europe in a couple weeks for a month long backpacking trip. I don't want to bring my SLR, or my Canon S3 because I am trying to pack as light as possible...I also don't want to get $2,000 of camera equipment possibly stolen. I'm a little out of touch with what's good...
  2. Phazan

    Old Clocks

    I think the lamp is way too bright and distracting. Also the whole picture is a little blurry for some reason. Maybe the camera moved a tiny bit or somethin
  3. Phazan

    My Dog, Sorren at the Monument C&C Please

    The second one makes me scared he's/she's gonna eat me!
  4. Phazan


    Wow, those are tack sharp. Cool pictures What kind of lens did you use?
  5. Phazan

    What to get next?

    If you are worried about money, you can get a tripod for like $20 or something at Target, my cheap plastic one works fine
  6. Phazan

    Berries with rain drops on them

    Hey thanks, everyone. jvw2941, I used my 50mm 1.8 lens. I knew the sky was gonna mess up the exposure so I overexposed by 2 stops. I was pointing the camera straight up almost! thebeatles, I don't know what that is.. A hair or spiderweb I guess. It's annoying me now
  7. Phazan

    Berries with rain drops on them

    I just shot these in my front yard..Tell me if they're any good and what you like/don't like about them, thanks :D 1. 2. 3. 4.
  8. Phazan

    check ittt =)

    This is such stereotypical girl behavior! Do something annoying, fail to see why it's annoying, then make it sound like you're so innocent and everyone is out to get you L;)L
  9. Phazan

    Snow, in the Bay Area (Ca)

    Thanks, it seems like there's a lot of us from the bay area
  10. Phazan

    Wild Animals

    That is epic.
  11. Phazan

    Snow, in the Bay Area (Ca)

    Thanks, that actually looks a lot better.. I should have picked it up when I was there, I don't know what I was thinking
  12. Phazan

    What Don't You Like About This Photo?

    I think it would be cool to go back when there's real fog..I don't think the fake fog looks good but real fog seems like it would be really cool. The clue sky in that picture doesn't really match the fall look of the forrest in my opinion
  13. Phazan

    The First Big Snow In California 09

    Yeah, that could be a problem lol.. And thanks about my avatar, I like yours too. It's like a spiral lulz
  14. Phazan

    The First Big Snow In California 09

    Here are some pictures with and without the polarizer. These are straight from the camera, no editing or anything, just the effects of the polarizer. The pictures with the polarizer have bluer skys, the trees and grass are greener, everything has more color it looks like
  15. Phazan

    The First Big Snow In California 09

    I had the same problem with my pictures this morning that you commented on.. I used my polarizer and that worked pretty well. If you want I'll show you the pictures without the polarizer, there's a huge difference
  16. Phazan

    Class V whitewater kayer catching air...

    That's awesome. I love how you stopped the motion completely, it's sick looking
  17. Phazan

    Snow, in the Bay Area (Ca)

    Thanks! Yeah it's crazy I've never seen the snow levels so low. It snows on Mt. Diablo it seems like a few times a year maybe, but it usually never snows on the hills.
  18. Phazan

    Snow, in the Bay Area (Ca)

    I'm from the east bay, we're pretty much at sea level. I had to drive about 20 minutes to get up in the hills where the snow was, which aren't very high up at all. These pictures are from Mt Diablo, if you know where that is. The peak is 3,800 I think..
  19. Phazan

    Snow, in the Bay Area (Ca)

    Last night, snow levels dropped wayyyy low, to the lowest I've ever seen around here. It never snows on these hills, so I took a drive to go an take pictures..I wanted to go early in the morning, but it was still snowy/rainy and the hills were covered in fog so I waited a while..Anyway I'm...
  20. Phazan

    Catching a handgun firing

    My camera can do 1/8000! haha