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  1. WesternGuy

    Summer storm - 2

    Fortunately this one was going away from me. I didn't see the beavers, so I am assuming they went and hid in their "house". WesternGuy
  2. WesternGuy

    Summer storms on the Alberta Prairies

    The thing I like about living on the prairies of Western Canada, is the summer storms that get generated by the atmospheric conditions between the prairies and the mountains. They can be vicious as one earlier this summer cause hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to cars and houses in the...
  3. WesternGuy

    DSLR Video - Newbie questions

    In the past few months, I have taken a few time lapse videos and this has gotten me interested in doing full-scale video. I have a 5D Mark IV as my potential video camera. Questions from me just starting out: Is there anything I need to know about the capability, or idiosyncrasies of the 5D...
  4. WesternGuy

    External Monitor - Neewer products experience?

    As I get a little older, I find it a bit more difficult to lie on my stomach to get up close and personal with some ground hugging flowers, etc. I also want to minimize any impact on other flowers growing in the immediate vicinity. I have discovered that what I most likely need is an external...
  5. WesternGuy

    Only in Canada?

    This isn't a wildlife picture, but rather some wildlife humour. The valley between the first and second ranges of the Rockies in my part of the world is referred to locally as Kananaskis Country and is a popular area for hikers in both summer and winter. Apparently, at one of the parking lots...
  6. WesternGuy

    Have to Login every time - what's happening?

    A couple of days ago, TPF started requiring that I log in every time I came here. I checked off the "Remember me" box, but it seems to have a short memory, because the next time I come to the Forum, it doesn't remember me. :eek-73: Is there a problem, or am I doing something wrong. Please let...
  7. WesternGuy

    Women landscape and nature photographers.

    I have never really given it much thought, until I came across this web blog page, but women play a significant role in landscape and nature photography as well as other forms of photography. Sarah Marino has put together a list of women landscape and nature photographers who inspire. Much to...
  8. WesternGuy

    Problems I am having - don't know why?

    In the last few days, I have been having a lot of trouble with this forum. I get a number of messages that the forum is not responding with no reason given and some that tell me it is not responding because of a long running script. Response time is measured in multiple seconds instead of...
  9. WesternGuy

    Camera straps - replacement for old ones wearing out

    I have a couple of old Tamrac straps that I really like. Unfortunately, they are starting to fray around the edges - the "softer part" that fits over the shoulder is starting to show significant wear and tear - and want to replace them with something similar. Checking their website, it would...
  10. WesternGuy

    The Sigma 150-600 and the USB Dock for its firmware

    I am not sure where to post this as there is no "Sigma" section, but since it is a "Canon" lens, I thought I would put it in this forum. I finally got my new Sigma 150-600. It's only taken about 4 months. Along with my new 150-600, I also got the USB Dock which is supposed to allow me to...
  11. WesternGuy

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my TPS friends south of the border

    I would just like to take this opportunity to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all my TPF friends south of the border. Hope you all have a great day. WesternGuy
  12. WesternGuy

    How to change my password??

    The process must be here somewhere, it is just that I do not seem to be able to find it. Can someone please point me to the instructions for changing my password. Thanks. WesternGuy
  13. WesternGuy

    Criteria for the evaluation of photography workshops - after the fact.

    I am not sure if this is the right part of the forum to post this but I couldn't find a sub-forum that matched. If it isn't then maybe a mod can move to one that is more appropriate. I have just come off a workshop photographing grizzlies in Alaska. The instructor has asked the participants...
  14. WesternGuy

    "What nobody tells beginners...

    I came across this inspirational quote from Ira Glass on the NAPP web site. While not specifically aimed at photography, he is a radio personality, I thought that it was relevant to this site and maybe will help those just starting out, or those who have been at it for short while and are...
  15. WesternGuy

    Modular sytems - anyone using them - thoughts, ideas, experience?

    I am currently looking for a system to carry my equipment when I am hiking (short hikes) in local parks, bird sanctuaries, wildlife conservation areas, etc. in and around the city and neighbouring countryside - mountains, prairies, etc. I have looked at the Lowe system and the Think Tank...
  16. WesternGuy

    Travel Tripod suggestions?

    So...were there supposed to be some pictures or web references? How much weight do you want this tripod to hold and what sort of head are you going to put on it. As well, if you let us know what your budget is, then that will also help. Cheers, WesternGuy
  17. WesternGuy

    Net book backup for safari trip

    My wife and I are off to southern Africa for a couple of weeks and some of my colleagues have suggested that I invest in a Netbook to use as backup for my CF cards after each days shoot. I think this is a good idea and am currently investigating the possibilities. I would be interested in...
  18. WesternGuy

    My first attempt at HDR

    Those of you who have read my previous post and the answers to it, will see that I appear to have two choices. So I am going to try both of them (one in this post and the other in my next post) and see if I can make either of them work for me and if they both work, then I guess that is...
  19. WesternGuy

    My first HDR C&C please - be kind...

    This is my first attempt at HDR. It is a sunset on Naples beach in Florida and was made from three images -- +2, 0, -2 ev and composited using the HDR feature in CS5 invoked from Lightroom 3.3. I hope this works... WesternGuy Nope, just a big red X, maybe the image is too big(??) or I...
  20. WesternGuy

    Image posting process, rules, how-tos etc.

    I am not sure this is the right place for this post, but I have been unable to find anything, anywhere else in this forum, at least that was obvious to me, and since I wish to post to this forum, I thought I should start by asking here...:confused: Is there somewhere that the rules, process...