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  1. johnmh

    Sigma(Nikon mount) Telephoto Zooms??

    Looking for a long zoom that I can actually carry on back country treks (my Nikon 200-400 is just a bit heavy and large). Considered the Nikon 80-400 but it's not an AF-S. Anyone have experience with Sigma Zooms - up to 400 or 500mm? There's a few out there with a new OS 120-400 just...
  2. johnmh

    KatzEye Focusing Screens?

    Getting old and finding it a bit harder to manually focus any of my DSLR's. The existing viewfinder set-up and screen isn't really expecting you to do much manual focusing - I miss the old split circle set-up on my film cameras. Not a huge issue but I clearly could use some help on real 'reach'...
  3. johnmh

    Repairs on non-US Nikon lenses

    An interesting conflict of information. Just bought a really nice used lens at B&H - appears to be a US lens (sticker) but it's a larger one with the serial number on the brass ID plate and no "US" prefix. Never actually seen a "US" prefix on any of these though it is alleged that some lenses...
  4. johnmh

    Long lens alternatives

    Most of my shots are landscape - with some wildlife as well. Been gradually adding to and refining my lens inventory. Had started out with a D70 and 24-120 VR with the 70-300VR for longer shots along with a real cheap 500 that was a pain to use (but good for shots of the kids rockclimbing)...
  5. johnmh

    Discontinued? Sigma 80-400 OS

    Have thought about getting a bigger lens for wildlife shots but have been hesitant. The Nikon 80-400VR does not use an external motor for focusing and is slow.... it's also one of their first VR lenses so I was hesitant to spend the $$ required. Tokina's 80-400 is lacking any type of...
  6. johnmh

    Nikon lens for extreme close-up work?

    Most of my focus so far has been on landscapes/wildlife (outdoorsy vacations are our norm), some typical kids/family stuff and occasional sports. But, I'm thinking it's time to "cross-over" to one of my other hobbies - model building. I primarily build 1/48 scale models - so a typical single...