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  1. jasonkt

    HDR Altima - same car, new photo!

    I'm up early for work and decided to try an HDR with my car. I'm not dissatisfied with the HDR necessarily, but I think I should have spent a few more minutes on the angle, and if I was serious about it I should have taken the stuff out of the backseat. Next time.
  2. jasonkt

    Car photos - edit at will...

    Hey gang. I took some photos of my old altima. I live in Brooklyn and found some industrial roads with few other vehicles which allowed me to take some uncluttered pics...except I still caught a girl on a bike in one of them... Anyway here are a couple "before" shots, one or two "processing"...
  3. jasonkt

    Color management retard needs help, please!

    Hello, and thanks in advance for any insight you may have on color management. Currently I own a Sony Vaio laptop and a Kodak ESP 7 printer. I would like to print photographs with color that closely matches what I see on my display. I am less interested in graphics and line art, however I...
  4. jasonkt

    Model in black against black

  5. jasonkt

    video footage of Times Square during Obama's inauguration

    This is just a little feel of what it was like to be in Times Square as Obama was sworn in. YouTube - Obamas Inauguration Times Square NYC Let me know if you like it!
  6. jasonkt

    "Subway Surfing", a short NYC walkabout

    I put this together with some footage from around Brooklyn and Manhattan. Enjoy! YouTube - Subway Surfing in New York City
  7. jasonkt

    Snowfall in Brooklyn - Video

    Hi! I just posted my first video online, I'd love to have you check it out: YouTube - Snow in Brooklyn, New York - walking the streets at dusk
  8. jasonkt

    Snow in Coney Island - 17 pictures

    NYC got some snow this morning/afternoon, and I had the day off so I couldn't resist going out in it. Here are a bunch of shots, barely edited, just having fun... I'll start with a few standard issue shots around the area: #1 #2 #3 #4 Next, a few gritty shots: #5 #6 #7 And the...
  9. jasonkt

    working on my website

    I've been working on my website's design, trying to keep it simple and functional. Want to take a look? JASON KIP Photography - Home Page I'd appreciate any critique if you have the time to check it out, and let me know what you like/dislike. I'm using it as a general portfolio, basically to...
  10. jasonkt

    coney island cityscapes

    #1) A sunrise in Coney, facing the Cyclone and the Wonder Wheel. #2) Sunrise over the Coney Island/Stillwell Ave subway station, shot from the roof of my building. #3) I owe this shot to Captain Bob, a local here who tipped me off to the security light illuminating the Lewis Carroll...
  11. jasonkt

    Canon 10D Lens advice appreciated!

    Thanks for any advice, everyone. I'm pretty "raw" with this stuff (groan). I have a Canon 10D I recently bought from a friend, my first DSLR. All I have for it is an EF 35-70 3.5-4.5. I do not have an off-camera flash but I do have a friend that will let me borrow strobes and gear from...
  12. jasonkt

    "40 oz to Freedom"

    What do you think? What would you have done differently to make the image fit the title better? I'd love to see edits! Thanks for your opinions!
  13. jasonkt

    Tone Mapping - before and after

    Here is another attempt at using Photomatrix to use tone mapping with a raw file that's been converted with 5 different exposure settings (no other adjustments made beforehand). The before pic is the middle exposure I used, I adjusted the exposures to -2,-1,+1,+2 using bridge and camera raw...
  14. jasonkt

    HDR - third attempt - using "fake" method

    Here is my third image I've worked on thinking "HDR", although for this one I did not use 3 separately exposed raw files (yes I worked with raw for my first two), instead I used one raw file processed 3 times into tiff files with different "exposure" settings that I had adjusted in camera raw...
  15. jasonkt

    HDR - second attempt - guidance still needed

    This time around I tried out the photoshop:automate:hdr feature. I also spent more time messing around with contrast and shadows etc. I'm still not happy with the results. I used 6 exposures, raw files, converted to 8 bit and tried to understand tone mapping, increased contrast in...
  16. jasonkt

    HDR - first attempt - guidance needed

    Man I love seeing an awesome HDR I tried my first one. While I can easily see it lacks serious awesomeness, I wasn't too disappointed with my first shot. However, as always, I appreciate it when you point out the flaws!
  17. jasonkt

    New York Panorama

    Yesterday on my rooftop in Coney Island, I decided to try my very first panorama. Any critique welcome! I didn't look up any tips before hand (although I have read the forum article a long time ago, I did this on a whim) so there really wasn't any planning. Also I didn't really do much more...
  18. jasonkt

    PICS for critique, liquor & wine

    what can I do better here?
  19. jasonkt

    digital processing time, workflow

    The fashion photographer I work for has his entire shoot for a day online and ready for review, editing or purchase by his clients before they can even leave the studio. The jobs are also backed up the first and second time before the end of the day. His workflow seems to impress his clients...
  20. jasonkt

    realistic price for a canon 40D

    I see prices between $1100 & $1200 on Amazon or B&H for new bodies, then I see prices around $900 for "like new" bodies on ebay or craigslist, but places like this give you prices under $600: that's too good to be true, right?