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    Extreme Lightpainting

    With fire!
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    Great Gig In The Sky

    Went out last night to take advantage of the moonless, cloudless sky. First time I've ever done this kind of star photography: Thoughts?
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    The Forth Bridge

    10mm, f8, 228 seconds, ISO 100 2 Stop Grad ND Filter Thoughts?
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    If y'happen to be in Scotland in the new year, this might be for you...

    If you fancy attending a free lecture or workshop from a pro photographer, my uni's photography society have teamed up with Sony to present 5 such events - all free of charge and available to anyone, not just the uni students. So if you're nearby any time from late Jan to early March, drop me a...
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    Byron Bay

    Taken way back in May, but I've only just got round to giving it the once-over in photoshop. Parts of the sky are blown, I know, but any thoughts on the rest of the photo?
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    Thoughts on this particular photo?

    I really can't decide if this works or not. It's titled 'Fear.' I'd like to hear some more opinions on this...
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    Fish Eagle

    I know it's not the sharpest photo out there, but it is a 100% crop, sharpened as much as I dared. I guess it was bound to happen when the only 'long' lens at my disposal was a 50mm prime. Still quite happy with it though.
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    Mombasa, Kenya

    Any thoughts?
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    These are two kids from one of the poorest slums in Nairobi, Kenya. Not sure that I'd be as upbeat as they are in their situation.
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    A very cold night in London

    It was cold and windy and my tripod broke, but it was worth it! And my personal favourite:
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    Not quite what you expect from East London...

    It's been a long time since I've had anything to post, so finally, here goes :) And a bit of a rubbish attempt at the whole 'wheat field' thing (yes I know it's not wheat!): Both taken in urban east London. Larger resolutions on my deviantart page, if you're that interested.
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    The Pyrenees

    Here's a couple of shots from last week. All taken in Andorra, France and Spain. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Bigger resolutions of all can be found in my DeviantArt gallery.
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    Totally safe place to setup camp, eh?
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    Scary lookin' spider!

    My brother found this in his room, so we boxed it up and set it free in a big hall (as you do...). This thing could sit on your palm with it's legs hanging off the side quite easily! I've never seen one this big in the UK before. If anyone knows what specie this is, that'd be useful.
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    Biggin Hill Airshow

    Here's the pick of the bunch from my digital camera... I've got 3 rolls of film to be developed from the show, so expect more soon :D 1 2 3 4 5 6 Rip 'em apart!
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    Hide 'n' Seek

    Found ya! :D
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    Flour? Flower?

    Finally got my hands on a scanner... C&C welcome.
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    Local Choir Performance

    These are all from a choir performance at my local church about a week ago. I was a lighting engineer for it :) All scans of prints, then cropped and the dust cloned out. Nothing else so far... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The underexposures are due to a faulty lens, but I really like the effect...
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    Me on the Piano

    Its the theme from the film 'the piano'. Awesome piece of music, I just need to learn the rest now :mrgreen:.