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    Some recent snapshots

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    20d focus issues

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    Welcome to the big time!

    Okay, without getting onto the analyst's couch, let me just confide in you all that for pretty much my entire life I've had something of a self-esteem issue. I've always thought I could do anything...just not do it that well. Anyway, I know we've gotten much better at photogrpahy in the time...
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    Very cool little video clip

    Okay, so maybe only cool if you're an IT geek like me, but check this out... It's about smugmug's server and SAN system. Very, very slick!
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    More Molly

    I just can't express how difficult it is to pack a backdrop, two studio flashes with umbrellas, a stool, a camera system, and a happy 21-month-old into a home studio set up in the 11x13 spare room. :er: :lmao:
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    Oh YEAH!!! (GREAT Wedding!!!!)

    This past weekend's wedding. Outside at the golf course. A week ago it was 97F with >80% humidity. 3 days ago it was upper 80s and pouring rain. Saturday it was 82 with a light breeze and low humidity. The gods smiled on this day, let me tell you!!! ...and one of Kelly workin' it!!
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    Senior Goalie

    Kel and I have trained this girl as a goalie for her entire high school career. Now she's a senior and heading off to college next year. Man time flies!
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    Yay for studio lights!

    We finally got some studio lights!! I'm so excited! My buddy that used to be the team photographer for the hockey team I now work with had a bunch of his old studio equipment lying around in boxes, so I bought it off of him. Got 3 Novatron strobes, 500w powerpack, some smith-victor lighs...
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    Molly in the city

    The dark on her shirt is from her slopping in the fountain. Knew I should've let her do that at the END of the day. D'oh!
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    Latest wedding

    What a messed up day. Portraiture was supposed to start at 12:30, the groom arrives at 1:45 (ceremony started at 2:00). So no portraits beforehand, and only 15 min at the church afterwards (the limo got there and they just had to go). Kelly and I rushed over to the reception site, anticipating...
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    Past couple weddings

    Been way too busy with 1500+ photos a week to post much lately, but here's a quick sample of some of our recent stuff... Mine: Kelly's idea, my shot: Kelly's:
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    Recent engagement photos

    Just a couple from a recent engagement set. This one's much more experimental, with the subjects way underexposed and the background slightly underexposed...
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    Last weekend's wedding

    Overall a pretty good wedding. The bride and groom had fun, which is the main thing. :)
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    Wedding silouette

    From this past weekend, Kelly's idea, my shot...
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    Senior from last week

    Been quite awhile since I've done a senior shoot outside. Here are a couple of the best...
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    Wedding this weekend

    Here are the first couple views out of this weekend's wedding.
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    Rose thorn

    Slight contract asjustment, other than that straight from the camera Canon 1d-MkII-N Canon 100mm Macro lens Hand-held @ ISO 360
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    Macro of a bud in winter

    Pretty much straight out of the camera... Canon 1d-MKII-N 100mm macro lens Handheld at ISO 360
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    New portrait of my daughter

    Just upgraded our business's camera systems to a pair of 1d-MkII-N bodies; also got a new 100mm macro lens. :drool: This was one of the first shots with the new macro lens. I LOVE the short DOF it gives for portraits.
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    Recent engagement shoot

    Some stuff from a recent engagement shoot... Kelly and I are photographing their wedding next month.