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  1. Mesoam

    Cinematic Street Photography0

    nice series, I like the spontaneity of the images
  2. Mesoam

    Mark Tucker=Awesome

    lots of great images, but IMO too much post processing...I'm sure his audience feels otherwise
  3. Mesoam

    Selfie Photoshoot

    You're in the way of the DB9...or is it a DBS...
  4. Mesoam

    Need critique on a colorful shot!

    good color/texture, looks a bit underexposed or it might just be the dull lighting
  5. Mesoam

    What did I do wrong?? First shots of newborn

    sure looks like the stock flash, big no no...
  6. Mesoam

    Here's my cool dog, Aslan

    its blown out but i like it a whole lot more than the run of the mil "OHHH LOOK AT MY stupid PET"
  7. Mesoam

    Lightning or what?

    looks like a couple umbrellas
  8. Mesoam

    A few from Shenandoah National Park...

    how many exposures on the 2nd one? really is a great merge
  9. Mesoam

    Some new Mushroom Shots.

    easy on the post processing the color and texture in these shots is plenty...
  10. Mesoam

    Rhodes at night

    when will the tone mapping end...
  11. Mesoam

    out on a hike today absolutly beautiful!!!! C&C please

    pretty flat lighting, go back at dusk/dawn...also color balance looks a bit blue-ish
  12. Mesoam

    Playing with FIRE c&c always welcome

    i don't care for the crop on the flame...
  13. Mesoam

    Studio shot: 13 year old model

    the exposure and lighting is bang on however the focal point of the image is her knee cap, no bueno
  14. Mesoam

    Outdoor Vehicle Photography

    what kind of shots are your end goal? dealerships normally have a big blank wall you could hang a huge piece of fabric off and setup a tarp above... a dealer selling Aston's is going to want different photos than a dealer selling Kia's ;)
  15. Mesoam

    Tree and Rock

    great textures in this shot
  16. Mesoam

    What makes a good website??

    keep in mind simplicity as others have suggested, ease of navigation and don't over load on content
  17. Mesoam

    Family Session!

    nice series...but the lens flare...ugh
  18. Mesoam

    New to photography. C&C please.

    #2 is great, except for the dog ruining the shot!
  19. Mesoam

    C&C on a few more please.

    under exposed, poorly lit, can't see the little girls eyes, you need a fill flash, images are also crooked