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    Some recent snapshots

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    20d focus issues

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    Welcome to the big time!

    Okay, without getting onto the analyst's couch, let me just confide in you all that for pretty much my entire life I've had something of a self-esteem issue. I've always thought I could do anything...just not do it that well. Anyway, I know we've gotten much better at photogrpahy in the time...
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    My Grandfather

    bw all the way
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    Portrait Lens questions

    I absolutely LOVE my 100mm macro for portraits.
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    1st Post...Looking forward to learning from you guys...

    Lessee... Talk to a CPA about setting up your business, probably as a sole propriator (sp?). Then you'll get your TID from the state. The wedding photography business is not profitable, at least not starting out (unless you already have about 10K in equipment and are related to a CPA, a...
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    a woman

    Gotta say...I just don't get it. Sorry.
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    To Flash or Not to Flash?

    Ugh, we had one last weekend that nearly brought me to tears. She just had it in her head that she was the reason that everyone was there. There was space in the limo for one extra person beyond the bridal party. Rather than ask the couple if they wanted a photographer or videographer (or if...
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    Senior Portrait

    The outdoor shots are definitely the winners...much more natural posing than the others. The top-left is very pretty, but you can tell that it was also very posed.
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    To Flash or Not to Flash?

    We flash the formal portraits and the processional, but I always turn the flash off (whether it's allowed or not) during the ceremony itself. Just found that it's a lot less distracting to the service. Then the flash is back on for pretty much everything else. We shoot flash for fill when we're...
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    Very cool little video clip

    True, but these machines have a much faster read/write capability, and magnetic media will last a LOT longer than optical media.
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    Very cool little video clip

    They really needed to cut to a video of a hamster running around in a wheel with some wires coming out of it. Maybe with a dozen of those little clear hamster-boxes in the background.
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    Very cool little video clip

    Okay, so maybe only cool if you're an IT geek like me, but check this out... It's about smugmug's server and SAN system. Very, very slick!
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    Information Packets for Clients - What do you include?

    When we meet with clients, we give them a folder imprinted with our logo that has a copy of the contract, business cards, and a multimedia presentation that I designed and built that covers all the aspects of how we shoot and why we're the best. :)
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    My Grandfather

    Way underexposed and way too much red saturation. Crop in a lot tighter. The pose and expression are great though, which is the true heart of the image. The rest is just post-processing.
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    Best MegaPixel Setting for Weddings..

    What kind of camera are you shooting? It should have at least enough buffer to allow you to keep shooting.
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    Best MegaPixel Setting for Weddings..

    Also check Fry's at We get pretty much anything computer-related there.
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    Angel 'Em'

    Jeez Jemmy, I've got to tell you I am just flat-out astonished at how good you've gotten so quickly. I remember some of your first shots on here were...well...blah. But literally everything you've been posting lately has been stunning.
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    Best MegaPixel Setting for Weddings..

    We carry > 20 Gb of CF cards on us for each wedding and shoot entirely in RAW. After the wedding all the RAWs are backed up to 2 additional hard drives and a set of DVDs into the fire-safe (each wedding usually takes 3 DVD+Rs for the RAW files). Looking at some kind of hot-swap dock for hard...
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    Q: For love or money?

    The caveat is that you have to declare the business as a business. Which means any money you make also has to be tracked and taxed. If you sell something to a client you'll probably have to collect sales tax as well, which requires registering with the state, etc. If you're serious about...