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  1. Lisa B

    I leave you alone for a while...

    I haven't been around for the longest time and everything's changed in my absence!!! It does look great though! Hope you're all well?? I was busy having a baby :) Lisa xxx
  2. Lisa B

    I have a new blog!

    I have a new blog which I am trying to get attention for but it is SLOW going right now! I am giving away $20.00 worth of pizza vouchers to people who enter the giveaway on the blog and thought i'd see if anyone here wanted to come over and look? U.S only for the giveaway, everyone for the...
  3. Lisa B

    The Lady in the Snow!

    We've had an awful lot of snow in PA this past few weeks and so I took a few photos. Not entirely good ones mind, but I did meet an interesting lady who wanted me to take a photo of her as she walked away!! It was weird, but she was so happy because it was like the end of the world. So quiet...
  4. Lisa B

    I need a digital camera suggestion, under $100

    Sorry! I wasn't sure where to post this, so if you need to move it please let me know! :) Basically I want a good digital camera for under $100 that I can use for snapshots and not be disappointed! Any recommendations? Also, while i'm at it, I've lost my lens cap for my Olympus E500. Does...
  5. Lisa B

    Music Video

    My husband makes music, and artsy videos! He lately teamed up with this guy, Subversed, who sang a very cool song - my husband, Scoops, made this fabulous video. Check it out.
  6. Lisa B

    I'm cold, and broke!

    It is FREEZING COLD in my apartment and all I have is a little space heater which isn't really heating up any space, which means it sucks and I can't afford $15 to buy a new one :( I just found out that it is near on impossible to get ANY work done, photos taken or even make a cup of tea while...
  7. Lisa B

    My latest piece of art...

    Heya, I have a piece of work that i'd like to share with you. It is a collage that I put together a few weeks back, which is as yet untitiled, but it is available to buy as prints, or as the real thing - there is only one of them and i'm extremely pleased with it :D I hope you guys like it...
  8. Lisa B

    Rozz in Fall!

    Here are the latest pics of our dog, Rozz.... Thought I'd share :mrgreen: Sorry it's been a long time since i posted, but have been real busy!! Lisa B. AKA, Mrs Scoops xxxx
  9. Lisa B

    Walk For The Animals!

    Hey guys! I'm not sure if i'm allowed to ask for sponsorship here or not, so I appologise in advance if i'm not, but hopefully I am allowed and so here I am asking!! :) On September 26th 2009, Me, My son and our Puppy, Rozz, Will be taking part in the 2009 Walk for the Animals for the Humane...
  10. Lisa B

    Dorney Park

    We recently visited Dorney Park, in the rain! We still had a lot of fun! Here are a couple of pictures of the boys! I screwed up my white balance on that one a bit, then over edited it!! Wehay!! :D Its still a favourite photo though because he's so intense on that tiny little ride, it was...
  11. Lisa B

    Down at the bottom of my garden...

    Is NATURE! WHATDAYATHINK....:-P p.s. this isn't the full sized, full quality version, but its close...
  12. Lisa B

    Meet Stumpy!

    So, by now you may have met Rozz! Now meet Stumpy!! Here he is: Stumpy is obviously an Iguana! I have had him for a ferw weeks now! I came across him at a YARD SALE! Of all the most rediculous places to come across an Iguana, I didn't expect it there!! Anyway! His owner just didn't want...
  13. Lisa B

    Meet Rozz! (Our New Puppy!)

    This is a picture of our new Puppy, Rozz (after Rozz Williams). HE WAS originally called BRONSON! After Charles Bronson! Until we found out HE was actually a SHE and not a HE as we'd originally been led to believe!! But hey! She's adoreable! She picked us! She was the one that jumped out from 8...
  14. Lisa B

    Something I'm Workin' On...(ART)

  15. Lisa B

    At the diner

    My husband, chillin' out at the diner.
  16. Lisa B

    Its a belly...its a desert?

    My husband partook in a photo project for me....
  17. Lisa B

    Love in Mono

    Here are a couple of pictures of our kids:
  18. Lisa B

    Building a fence

    I just wanted to share with you a couple of photos from the weekend - we looked at a fence, a lot (i mean, we built a fence...). An urban moment, while looking at the fence from the porch... It takes a lot of training to build a fence.... I got bored of the fence My boy was happy...
  19. Lisa B

    4 Years (aka, ode to an ex best friend) Poem.

    (This is a poem/short story/reflection on life) 4 YEARS I never had been so sociable as the night I met you in the bar – the 12 vodkas really helped, you know? Really. Do you remember the look you gave me? Oh! You do?? Yes, I know, pure evil it was, wasn’t it?! I...
  20. Lisa B

    Looking to BUY: Lenses or Camera

    Heya, I'm looking to buy lenses for my Olympus E500 - I only have the standard lense at the moment as i left my other lenses back in England like a moron when i moved! I am also interested in buying a new camera, looking to see if anyone currently has anything they want to get rid of that might...