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  1. AbelR74

    First chance for bridal portraits (outdoors)

    This was a chance to take pictures of my daughters friend getting married. I mainly did it for a chance to learn on the spot about lighting with minimal flash, i.e. one flash. They are going to be rough, but I think I was fortunate on some photos. Feel free to CC and would like some pointers...
  2. AbelR74

    Scanning 35mm negatives at home

    I use the Nikon Coolscan V ED and am quite please with its performance; makes a 70Mb tiff of one image with excellent resolution.
  3. AbelR74

    Abandoned Brewry, Cincinnati, Ohio

    Nice gallery you have; pretty interesting history on the company I read from wikipedia.
  4. AbelR74

    To crop or not to crop?

    I like the original, in my opinion. But there are other options like this:
  5. AbelR74

    Fish Shoot--Comment and Critique please!

    My favorite has to be the third photo. The only thing I thought to say is the contrast levels of the photos. The glass of the fish tank seems to leave a white haze on your photos. Was your camera lens right on the tank or was there a gap? Having it on the glass might have reduced the slight...
  6. AbelR74

    Japanese garden at Norfolk Botanical Gardens

    Very good point on the right most rock. Probably should have tried to crop it out. Thanks for the tips.
  7. AbelR74

    Awww, the good old days....

    Good point on the bottom framing. Thanks.
  8. AbelR74

    Another flower from the Mission Valley hotel

    Not really much of a collection, just was wandering around the hotel grounds while in CA. I'm just an advanced hobbyist in my opinion. ;)
  9. AbelR74

    Honolulu city night shot

    Yes, it was handheld by the way..... heheh Some of the exif: Camera: Nikon D700 Exposure: 0.167 sec (1/6) Aperture: f/3.5 Focal Length: 28 mm Focal Length: 28.3 mm ISO Speed: 6400 Exposure Bias: 0 EV Flash: No Flash Thanks for the comments!
  10. AbelR74

    Honolulu city night shot

    Just something I shot from my room balcony. Enjoy...
  11. AbelR74

    Hello from Virginia

    Hello back at you from Chesapeake, VA. BTW, nice website.
  12. AbelR74


    I think it is a nice photo. The shadows just draw my eyes along the entire length of the photo. Very interesting framing also. Thought I'd put my 2 cents in....
  13. AbelR74

    On a frozen lake in Homer AK

    Probably should have brought my tripod, but was limited on the weight of my suitcase..... :-( Thanks for looking!
  14. AbelR74

    On a frozen lake in Homer AK

    Here is some of the frozen lake before we drove the rental car on it.... hehe
  15. AbelR74

    Another flower from the Mission Valley hotel

    Interesting DOF, huh? :-) C&C welcome.
  16. AbelR74

    On a frozen lake in Homer AK

    Still part of the wooden dock. C&C welcome.
  17. AbelR74

    On a frozen lake in Homer AK

    Tried to take as best as I could, but my hands were pretty darn almost frozen... This was some moss growing on the old wooden floating dock. C&C appreciated.
  18. AbelR74

    Japanese garden at Norfolk Botanical Gardens

    One of the few snapshots from out quick visit to the gardens. And yes, I know about the horrible midday sun, but that is when we chose to take my brother in law to the gardens. Comments always welcome.
  19. AbelR74

    Orchid at our hotel in Kauai

    These were some of the landscape flowers in front of my hotel in Kauai. Image uncropped and unedited. Would love to hear any thoughts on this picture.