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  1. DirtyDFeckers

    Looking for a SB 600 Nikon Flash Speedlight. or a cheap SB 400

    I have an SB600 that I'd be willing to get rid of... It's almost brand new, maybe flashed 7-800 times. PM me if you're interested.
  2. DirtyDFeckers

    Comments please

    I see no photos.
  3. DirtyDFeckers

    A few for C&C

    I suppose I wasn't thinking right when I explained the lighting. There are actually 2 speedlights.... sb700 camera left, sb600 camera right. Sorry for the confusion. As for the first photo, I'm almost sure that her top didn't even have a collar.
  4. DirtyDFeckers

    A few for C&C

    Can you tell me what you mean by "flat?"
  5. DirtyDFeckers

    A few for C&C

    I was using a single sb700 off camera. As far as the lighting goes, I wanted it to be as "mild" as possible, looking almost natural. An obvious fail hahaha
  6. DirtyDFeckers

    Nikon d300s or d7000? You choose

    I would be willing to take that a little further and say that the image quality of the d7k is superior to the D300s, especially at high iso. Just sayin.....
  7. DirtyDFeckers

    A few for C&C

    Hey guys, I've been working on a few lighting techniques, and I would like to hear some opinions please :) 1 2 3
  8. DirtyDFeckers

    which lenses to buy for a nikon d7000

    Try $1500. The nikon 17-55 f/2.8 is amazing, but expensive. People think that they can buy a 300 dollar lens that will perform the same as a 2000 dollar lens. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.
  9. DirtyDFeckers

    A few portraits for C&C

    Hey guys, went out yesterday to test a few lighting setups on my girlfriend, and here's what I came up with. The shots have minimal editing done, and I would like to hear some opinions. Thanks in advance.
  10. DirtyDFeckers

    Doing a shoot with a celebrity....Nervous.

    Thank you for this. The shoot got bumped to this afternoon, so I'll let you guys know how it goes! Thanks again!
  11. DirtyDFeckers

    Doing a shoot with a celebrity....Nervous.

    I completely understand what you are saying, and this thread wasn't really about not having enough gear, although it does concern me that we will be shooting 7 people outdoors using 2 speedlights. The thread was more about cooling my nerves. I know that you can understand how big something...
  12. DirtyDFeckers

    Amazing shot from the U.S. Army

    I'm in the Army, and it looks to me like this guy is at some sort of firing range, in which case, he would not be behind a barrier. I think the photos are fantastic, and I'm excited to leave for the army photo journalism course next month!
  13. DirtyDFeckers

    Some of my photography work

    I love the dark mood in these photos. Great work.
  14. DirtyDFeckers

    First wedding of 2011 - Ruby Hills!

    Such an incredible set! Great work!
  15. DirtyDFeckers

    Good Old Southern Bridal (11 photos)

    Very nice! I'm not seeing much overexposure at all in the mentioned photos.
  16. DirtyDFeckers

    Just did my first paying maternity session!! CC Please!

    I also think these shots are terrific. Keep it up man!
  17. DirtyDFeckers

    Popullation + 1

    Very nice shots.
  18. DirtyDFeckers

    commander mode annoyance

    I stand corrected. Thanks for the information.
  19. DirtyDFeckers

    Doing a shoot with a celebrity....Nervous.

    So this Wednesday, I will be doing a shoot for the cast of style network's "Ruby." I have known them since before the show was even made, but for some reason, I'm incredibly nervous. I'm paranoid that I don't have the proper lighting equipment and stuff. I have 2 SB700's with stands, and am...