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  1. wildmaven


    My husband (Jim) and I just came home and found HUGE bear tracks in the snow around our house. The bear had knocked down the shepherd's pole that held the bird feeders and opened up our garbage. I took photos of the tracks and the pole which I'll upload after dinner. I THOUGHT BEARS HIBERNATED...
  2. wildmaven

    Mods posting

    I've noticed many instances where mods are posting in a thread which is in the wrong category. For example, there was a thread in the professional gallery that didn't include any images, yet 2 mods posted in it and it remained there for 3 more days before someone finally moved it to the proper...
  3. wildmaven

    80 year old - challenging

    This wonderful woman has Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. This is probably the last photograph of her that the family will have taken as her health is declining rapidly. She would not look at me. Whenever I would move to get a front view, she'd turn her head away. When she smiled...
  4. wildmaven

    50mm 1.4 lens - Flower Child

    C&C welcome. :)
  5. wildmaven


    Not even sure what this is, but I thought it was pretty when I went walking early this morning:
  6. wildmaven

    What a RUDE thing to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was talking to someone today and mentioned that I am doing Child Photography. She said, "I thought you didn't have kids?" Confused, I said that I'm shooting other people's kids. She replied with, "well, since you don't have kids of your own, there's no way you should be shooting other people's...
  7. wildmaven

    Fix Teenager Skin

    Thought you might like to try playing with this. Lots to mess around with. Color cast, hair through the middle of the eye and down the nose, lots of blemishes, dark circles under eyes, etc. Have fun :mrgreen: :
  8. wildmaven

    Full Moon digiscope shot

    This was taken through my Nikon digiscope with a CoolPix camera attachment:
  9. wildmaven


    I just love these guys:
  10. wildmaven

    Rufous Hummingbird Portrait

    Finally got the little guy to hold still a couple of months ago: This was taken through my Nikon Digiscope with Coolpix camera attached. :)
  11. wildmaven

    Need Automate Photo Package in CS2 help!!

    I'm printing an order, and I've never printed 5x7s before. I selected 8.5x11 size paper, and automated (2)5x7 size. When I print it out, it's 5x6!!!! What th' heck?!? Can someone help me figure this out???
  12. wildmaven

    Large Lag Time Loading Site

    No matter what thread or board in TPF I click on, there is a HUGE lag time lately. The top of the page loads fine up to the User CP bar. Then it just sits there, waiting. Finally, the sponsor ads load and then things are back to normal. It is taking at least 15-20 seconds to fully load a page...
  13. wildmaven

    Spawning Salmon

    The salmon are swimming up the rivers and their colors are changing. With the rapid flopping and jumping, it's quite a challenge to capture a photo of one. Here's my best one from yesterday: Marian
  14. wildmaven

    Flat screen TV vs. Flat screen monitor

    Is there a difference, aside from the connections? I would love to have a larger monitor for my photo work, and we do have a flat screen TV in the bedroom that is hardly used, or should I just bite the bullet and buy a larger monitor?. [/n00b] :blushing:
  15. wildmaven I nuts?

    When I bring up a photo and it needs to be rotated 90 degrees clockwise, and it's a picture of someone's face, for some reason they look thinner when I rotate it than they did before I did it. What gives? Is it an optical illusion or is something happening to the file? :er:
  16. wildmaven

    Runaway client

    Sometimes, you just know when a shoot is over...............
  17. wildmaven

    Portrait Parties

    Have you heard of these things? They're kind of like tupperware parties. The host invites people, makes snacks, and plays music. The photographer shows up, sets up 1 background and lights and takes pictures of the guests in 15 minute sessions. The host gets a free 8x10 and 10-15% of the total...
  18. wildmaven


    Portraits for 9.99 1 - 10 x 13 1 - 8 x 10 2 - 5 x 7 2 - 3½ x 5 19 Wallets How do we compete?!?
  19. wildmaven

    How far do you go?

    When it comes to whitening teeth, how far do you take it? For example, I have this unfortunate set of teeth to deal with in my latest shoot: What is your procedure? I've tried using the dodge tool and I've tried using the color adjust tool, and I just can't get a natural looking white...
  20. wildmaven

    There is an Angel in there!

    This guy was full of energy and I have about 100 photos of him making silly faces: Somewhere in the middle of it all, this photo appeared: