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  1. robert4818

    Camping in the Rockies

    Thanks. I actually have one, but at the time I wasn't thinking too much. These shots were either taken while hiking or while on a drive. I ended up forgetting about the filters until after the fact :x
  2. robert4818

    Camping in the Rockies

    I just got done doing a camping trip out in Buena Vista Colorado. I decided to share a few shots with you all. 1. Great Mountain shot, Left the open blue on purpose. 2. Wild Flowers 3. Meg on the Arkansas River 4. Time Laps of the Rapids (Arkansas River) 5. House and Mountain at...
  3. robert4818

    Rocky Mountains High

    #1 & 2 were taken up on look out mountain. #3 - 5 were taken on the road between I-70 and Blackhawk. #6 was taken just outside of central city. #7 was taken on Oh My God Road between Central City and Idaho Springs. #8 is at Idaho Springs across I-70. I've had the same problem. For me its just...
  4. robert4818

    Rocky Mountains High

    Thanks. I'm using just minimal tools right now. (Fix on microsoft photo gallery) Mainly just adjusting Sharpness, Contrast, and Saturation. Thanks for the suggestions.
  5. robert4818

    Rocky Mountains High

    Went into the mountains today and snapped a few shots. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  6. robert4818

    Just starting out

    I like it. My only comment, and this is just personal taste for me, is I would play with the contrast and brightness just a bit. (increase the contrast slightly, and decrease the brightness slightly.) The lighting makes everything look a bit flat. I'm still learning myself, but I've been...
  7. robert4818

    Garden of the Gods

    These photos were taken on a snowy day at the garden of the gods and Cave of the winds in Colorado Springs. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  8. robert4818

    In the mountains. Critique please.

    I'm using a Canon Rebel XT. Defalut lens. No tripod, on alot of the shots, as we were on a small narrow winding road for the last half of the pictures and had to get out take pictures, and then get back in. I plan on trying to get some danw/sunset pictures, but I have to have some good timing...
  9. robert4818

    In the mountains. Critique please.

    I went into the mountains today and snapped quite a few pics. Here's a random sampling :) What do you thinK? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  10. robert4818

    Fresh Snow, Critiques please.

    Thank you. I miss Socal myself from time to time. Wish I woulda had my camera back in april when I was in Sandog.
  11. robert4818

    Fresh Snow, Critiques please.

    Thanks. It was just a simple leaf.
  12. robert4818

    Fresh Snow, Critiques please.

    We were "gifted" last night with another fresh snowfall. I got out at down this morning to take a walk with the camera. I hope you enjoy. 1. A lonely walk at dawn 2. Nature Trail 3. Spiral Cut 4. A peak at the mountains
  13. robert4818

    I'm Blue

    This picture leaves me feeling spooked and uneasy. I feel as if I wouldn't want to walk through this area at night. Good job.
  14. robert4818

    Sunrise From Haleakala(7 pics)

    My only complaint is with the amount of noise introduced in #1. It gives a grainy appearance that I think could be cleaned up.
  15. robert4818

    Atop Cherry Creek Dam. What do you think?

    Well with 1 I have to agree. Unfortunately, with the range of equipment I had, that was the best zoom I could do. I was pearched on the wrong side of a dam, that I wasn't supposed to be climbing on. Between me and the other side was a road that I had to crop out of the picture :( The...
  16. robert4818

    Atop Cherry Creek Dam. What do you think?

    1. The Rockies over Denver 2. Cherry Creek Resevior reflecting the morning light. 3. Another Shot of Cherry Creek Res.
  17. robert4818

    Random Mt.Diablo shot

    I don't seems a little over exposed in the upper left hand corner... but you knew that already :) I like it actually. Its odd, but It has a surreal quality to it that I like.
  18. robert4818

    Icey Splendor

    This was taken at the wetlands near my house. I thought the ice made a great shot.
  19. robert4818

    Snow Series

    Went out today with a bit more light and took a drive. Was trying to find a good spot to shoot over Denver and hit the mountains. No such luck. But I found this large pile of snow at least 8 feet tall and 100 sq ft, and climbed around on it taking pictures. I thought they all looked better...