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  1. Mesoam

    Halloween weekend, portrait/landscape

    Just a few from a series this weekend
  2. Mesoam

    New Body...

    Well could be new to me depending on what I end up with... Used D200 or new D90... thoughts? I have no interest in any of the new movie features just pictures ty :mrgreen:
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    Flattening a print (slight wrinkles)

    I have a good size print I had developed a while ago (20x24 i think?) I have moved it from a few different places and need to really get it flat again, there are some small wrinkles in it most likely from the summer humidity e/t/c I really don't have two pieces of glass to put it between but...
  4. Mesoam

    long time no post

    haven't posted in a while, kind have been uninspired lately but at the zoo this weekend for a night show the green house light caught my eye, ran to the car and snapped a few shots... 1 2 3
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    happy 4/20/2008

    :wink: ok a day late but i did take it yesterday
  6. Mesoam

    He Likes The Salt???

    just found an older pic (blooper). I recall the owner saying that he likes the salt that we have on our hands just from day to day activities. Took the opportunity to play with some different P/P that i don't normally do
  7. Mesoam

    Do You Enjoy Your Job?

    Yes, no, maybe so? I enjoy what I do, I do not enjoy the company... Others?
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    Snowmobiling is one of my passions, been doing it for 15 years and I have yet to get sick of it. Anyway, I hesitate bringing my camera with me due to moisture issues but i couldn't resist as we had waist deep snow up north. Wrapped the ole d50 in a shopping bag threw is in my windshield bag and...
  10. Mesoam

    BBC: Planet Earth

    Does anyone else LOVE this show? I can’t get enough of it. I picked up the box set of DVD’s for my mom for Christmas, needless to say I left their house with them, :lol: The images they capture really are spectacular. Whenever I find I can’t sleep I’ll throw one of the discs on and just...
  11. Mesoam

    One for Chiller :lol: (Warning - Graphic Image)

    this happened this past spring, i tend to use the "shark bite" line...but in reality it was from metal cleats in a softball game, guy slid tackled me and i got up only to see my bone just starting at me and a huge chunk of flesh missing....
  12. Mesoam

    Off to the casino...

    i'm sure some of you will get it....
  13. Mesoam

    What's for dinner?

    Grilled Atlantic salmon in a basil dijon marinade On top of a bed of mescaline greens tossed with a light lemon balsamic dressing and fresh parmesan cheese, topped with seeded rye crouton sticks (yes I cooked it, and yes I’m amazingly straight, go figure :lol:)
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    Another Random Serries

    I guess a bit fall inspired...but random nonetheless
  15. Mesoam

    A very cooperative little guy…

    I really do NOT like doing client work but this family approached me and I said why not. The little guy was great to work with as he really didn’t put up a fuss and just had fun, there are quite a few more but I think this is enough. Clients get snap’s tomorrow, I think they will be pleased as...
  16. Mesoam

    Had Some Head Shots Done Of Myself

    They are actually disturbingly accurate according to some friends and then i had to pchop my real beard line :greenpbl:
  17. Mesoam

    Promo Shots: Landscape Material

    Well my company decided to take me away from my I.T. world for a few hours and have me go shoot a customers house to promo their land scape materials. Focus was on items/details that we can provide and or create with our product(s). I'm happy with the way the shots came out even though nothing...
  18. Mesoam

    New guy, first post (56k eh)

    Hello all, love the forum SO much great work on the site! I've been snapping pics for a few years and do enjoy it. Trying to get something started in form of a website to get my stuff out there but hey a little at a time I guess. I shoot w/ a d50 (nothing special) and focus more on things...