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  1. Tennessee Landscape


    Hello, been awhile since I have posted. Life has been hectic to say the least.....Anyway, I had the fortune ... or maybe misfortune depending on how you want to look at it to work on the roof of the University of Tennessee Medical Center. I'm a nut for things that fly and helicopters are one...
  2. Tennessee Landscape

    1 shot from my first wedding

    here is a shot from my first wedding, a little play with DOF and som P.P.
  3. Tennessee Landscape

    My first real "photo shoot" 12pix

    I doing this for this website I'm the "official photographer" For The Lord's child and right now we are using a purchased picture as our main girl. We want to use our own so I took a couple of girls to a covered bridge and took their pictures. This is my very first time shooting people, but I...
  4. Tennessee Landscape

    Some pro sports guys who's gear I envy...

    1. 2. 3. 4. Saved the best for last 5. Big Glass ! ! ! !
  5. Tennessee Landscape

    Fan's Day Tennessee Volunteers

    This was the autograph session for the fans today before the spring game. Most of the star players were mobbed for autographs, while the rest were rather easy to get next to. 1. Lucas Taylor 2. Gerald Jones 3. The Big Uglies....The 'O' Line 4. B.J. Coleman 5. Monterio...
  6. Tennessee Landscape

    Orange and White spring Football scrimmage

    It's spring football practice season, and the colleges are going through their scrimmages for the fans. Here are some shots from the Tennessee Volunteers Orange and White game.... For those not familiar with college football, the green jerseys are the Quaterbacks, and are not subject to contact...
  7. Tennessee Landscape

    "The (monthly) Photo Challenge" cutting room floor

    Hello all, this theme thread is intended for you to share photos that you took for each month "Photo Challenge" contest, yet didn't make your cut to be submitted. If you're like me, I tend to take pictures intended for the monthly theme throughout the month, and closer to the end of the...
  8. Tennessee Landscape

    Great gallery least I think so

    I started to work on this months P.O.T.M. contest and have decided to put a lot into this month as I have yet to receive any votes in the last three contests, :er:.....I'm not going to submit until the end of the month so that I have exausted all my ideas......BUT......if last nights trial turn...
  9. Tennessee Landscape

    I got published in the small town paper

    I took pictures for "The Lord's Child" this past Easter weekend. Afterwards I am now their official photographer. The local newspaper requested photos and I sent about six, and these were the two they published in the Tuesday paper after Easter. This is of course a scanned copy of the...
  10. Tennessee Landscape

    built-in camera metering

    The more and more outdoor shooting I do, the more and more particular I find which metering system I use, and what I meter off of. I have fonud that sometimes I get my best results when I point my camera strait up into the sky with either matrix or center weighted to set my exposure. It...
  11. Tennessee Landscape

    Is this Macro or is it.....

    just zooming in on a flower? This is my first attempt at this. Other than the fact I forgot I was shooting at ISO 1600, please tell me what you think. I was shooting something else and just saw these getting ready to be put in flower boxes. Totally forgot I was at ISO 1600.
  12. Tennessee Landscape

    Volunteer work for non-profit

    I have been asked to volunteer my time and equipment to shoot an Easter event involving children. I am not opposed to doing so, but I asked for the group to give me a donation statement for my time and for the photographs. ( no sweat off their back except a piece of paper for the IRS ) After...
  13. Tennessee Landscape

    Through the winter trees.

    I've seen lots of these shots posted around, so I thought I'd post one I just took...... Like? Yes / No / Maybe?
  14. Tennessee Landscape

    Ozone Falls.....Take Two

    Okay guys and gals....I come home past Ozone Falls agian, and since I've been reading "Understanding Exposure" ( MUST READ ), I thought I'd take another stab at shooting the falls again. If you would, please take some time to look and leave me some feedback.....criticize if you must. I...
  15. Tennessee Landscape

    suitable for a newspaper

    I'm trying to break into sports photography, I don't have the fast glass as most call it, but I'm stilltrying to take pictures in poorly lit facitlities. I'm ready ( I think ) to approach the sports editor of our newspaper with a couple of pictures, but would like some input from the pro's...
  16. Tennessee Landscape

    whiye tail bloopers

    OOPS.....WHITE tail bloopers
  17. Tennessee Landscape

    Cades Cove white tails

    Took a trip to Cade's Cove again today for some photographic therapy...... here are a few results. 1. 2. 3. two yearlings 4. the wind was pretty gusty C&C please
  18. Tennessee Landscape

    more a forum question than photo...

    I've seen several post where folks are putting in links, but they seem to be doing something I can't figure out how to do. They put the link in their post, but unlike when do it, they just have a word or two while all I can do is the whols web address..... How do you do that? One forum I...
  19. Tennessee Landscape

    1911, KA-BAR, & Flag *** likely P.I. for some ***

    Saw a picture on the Fourm and this idea popped into my head and wanted to share...... Some folks may find this offending, and for that....I'm not really all that sorry....... 1. 2. 3. comments?
  20. Tennessee Landscape

    ariel photography

    I may have the opportunity to do some ariel photography...I'll be shooting from about 1500 to 2000 feet trying to capture property. Any suggestions on what type of lenses are used for these types of shot and at what focal length...... What time of day wouldyou shoot these shos as well?